Citizens without leaders


There is a saying that people get the kind of leaders they deserved. One is constantly reminded of this statement when the innumerable problems afflicting the State, caused invariably by poor governance from those who are at the helm of power, surfaces periodically. This has become something which has come to define the State.

Whenever a crisis hits the State, those governing the State pass the buck to Central government agencies thus washing their hands off any shortcomings of their own. Take the case of the slow internet connectivity in the State, the State government has stressed that it is beyond their control as the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is responsible for monitoring such matters. Agreed that TRAI, the central regulating body is taking care of such matters but isn`™t the State government expected to impress upon the agency to fix the problem and provide high speed internet facilities to its citizens. It isn`™t worth asking as to what is the point of keeping a government that we elected in power if it can`™t act like one.

This one takes the cake. The government is, by its own admission, not aware that whether it was bound by any statute to spend the amount of money collected by deducting one percent from development projects and works, as cess, for the welfare of labours. Isn`™t the government expected to know the law if it wants to govern its citizens. It surely doesn`™t behove those occupying the topmost position to play possum when they are expected to, and must, know its own laws. It`™s no wonder that shirking from responsibility has become a sport in the State. Now, your real worth is determined by the felicity with which you escape your responsibilities. Those committed to performing their jobs are jeered as oafs not intelligent enough to shirk their call of duty. If bad leadership has become the bane for the State, what can you expect from those at the bottom?

Elsewhere, the careers of more than 2000 students are at stake after the CBSE refused to provide them their admit cards on the ground that their schools were not recognised by it. Here again, the government has found the same escape route. The government wasn`™t aware about such problems even if it had taken a stance to allow only two CBSE affiliated schools in all the districts of the State.

Hear it from the government, it has nothing to do with the private CBSE affiliated schools and what they do is none of their concern. Not exactly in these words but that`™s the gist of what it has to say.

Was the government in a deep torpor when these unrecognised Private CBSE affiliated schools were admitting the students? Shouldn`™t we expect the government to blacklist such schools well in advance so that the lives of thousands of students are not ruined so carelessly? The students have been left on their own devices and some in the government have stated that the students have to lose one precious academic year. One year is a long time in the life of a man. The precarious condition in which the students are in mirrors our conditions so well. But well, as the saying goes, `we get the kind of leaders we deserved`.

Leader Writer: Svoboda Kangleicha


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