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Sit-in presses for ILPS implementation

BISHNUPUR, July 21: In solidarity to the collective demand for implementation of Inner Line Permit System in the state, Kanglei Inat Yokhatpa Lup, Nambol; Nambol Bora Yonbi Ima Lup and Kongkham Ibudhou Loyalakpa Moufal Ima Lup jointly staged a sit-in-protest at Hao Market shed at Nambol Bazar in Bishnupur district today.

During the protest demonstration, the protestors shouted slogans such as `Pass a fresh bill at the earliest`™, `Save indigenous people`™, `Punish police personnel involved in the killing of Robinhood`™, `Resign incompetent Ministers`™, `Implement ILPS in Manipur`™ etc.

The sit-in-protest began at 10 am and continued till 2 pm.



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