Public curfew brings State to grinding halt


IMPHAL, August 14: The 12-hour public curfew called by the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System demanding the ILP hugely affected normal life in the State especially in the valley districts today.

Road blocks were witnessed at several parts of the valley districts, shops and other business establishments remained closed for the day while roads wore deserted looks as vehicles stayed off the road.

Inter-district and inter-state passenger services were also greatly affected during the public curfew.

The public-curfew was called by the JCILPS after announcing that the two rounds of talks held earlier this week with the government on the ILP bill had ended inconclusive.

From Our Correspondent
BISHNUPUR, August 14: The 12-hour public curfew imposed by Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) in protest against the government`™s failure to pass a new bill acceptable to all sections of the people despite taking much time, has paralyzed normal life in Bishnupur district.

A large number of curfew supporters came out and blocked road at Nambol Bazar. Tyres were burnt and wood logs were placed at Nambol Thong disrupting passage of vehicles and commuters.

Business establishments and shops in the district were downed shutters due to the public curfew. The Bishnupur Headquarter also wore a deserted look.

Supporting the curfew, protestors placed rocks huge in size and wood logs at Malom Awang Leikai along Tiddim Road and restricted movement of vehicles and passerby.

MLA of Naoriya Pakhanglakpa Constituency RK Anand who is also one of the Members of the government constituted Drafting Committee and president of BJP Manipur Pradesh Th Chaoba were stopped by the curfew supporters at Malom Awang Leikai and made to walk by foot to pass the road.

Two Matuti cars coming along the road were also smashed by the curfew supporters at Malom. One of the cars belongs to younger brother of MLA RK Anand.

Roads were also blocked at several places at Malom during which slogans in support of ILPS introduction in the State were shouted.

NNN adds: Curfew supporters came out in large numbers in Tera Bazar area of the Imphal-Jiri Highway and blocked the road. They burnt tyres, fell trees to strengthen their support.

Also, any kind of traffic movement at Tiddim Road was blocked by residents of Keishampat and Kwakeithel area as a mark of supporting the curfew. However, they gave relaxation to medical services, media and other essential services.

On the other hand, all the local clubs and meira paibee associations in Mayai Lambi Road starting from Langthabal to Keishampat co-ordinated their way of supporting the curfew.

Sit-ins were staged in respective localities, and later a large human chain was formed uniting all the protestors of each locality. They shouted slogans demanding ILP system in Manipur and also demanding strict punishment to those police officers who were responsible for manhandling girl students.

Meanwhile, JCILPS co-convenor expressed his disappointment to the state government for its negligence. Chief Minister o Ibobi has announced yesterday that producing an indigenous people-friendly ILP Bill by August 15 will be difficult and is unlikely. Ratan said, ` We have submitted our five-points very much in time, and it`™s surprising that the government is taking too much time. It is showing its negligence on the ILP issue and is duping the public with its false assurances.`

`As held earlier, the future course of actions and agitation strategies will be decided in due accordance with the public after holding a public meeting, `. Ratan added.


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