TSA Chandel clarifies to ALT allegations


IMPHAL, September 27: The Thadou Students’ Association Chandel has reiterated its claim that ADC Chandel chairman Lhukhosei Zou was not a part of organizing the controversial ADC swearing in function, wherein an Anal traditional shawl was used as a table cloth.

Reacting to allegations of the Anal Lelruwl Tangpi (Anal Students Union), it said keeping in view the unprecedented unity movement of the Hill Tribals against the three bills passed on August 31, the Thadou Students Association (TSA), Chandel will try its best not to hurt the sentiments of the ALT but will only expose the crux of the ground realities point by point.

A statement of the TSA Chandel said Lhukhosei Zou was invited as a candidate only and nothing more than that to the swearing in function.

It said at the said function and at that point of time, it was one of the staff who happened to lay Anal Shawl as a table cloth out of sheer ignorance.

“Hence, he is not responsible for the use of Anal Shawl.”

However, when a hue and cry was raised unexpectedly, the competent and appropriate authority, CEO/ ADC/CDL intervened in the matter as demanded by ALT at the Anal Customary Court in Chandel and the matter was thus settled according to the custom of Anal Tribe, it said.

So raking up the issue again and again after settlement of the matter is viewed as malicious, the TSA claimed.

It prompted one to think that, it has been designed to make the issue not only out of proportion but also to use it as an opportunity to make personal attack on the legitimate and mandatory chairmanship of Lhukhosei Zou, it claimed.

“The ALT alleged the formation of the ADC as “self-elected” as its formation took place in Imphal West district. This statement shows that ALT is in confusion and unaware of the government order/notification. Election of Lhukhosei Zou as Chairman of ADC, Chandel was done in accordance with all the norms and procedures for election of Chairman as per Act & Rules of the Council with the full backing of 14 Chandel ADC members out of 24″ the statement pointed out.

Moreover, he was elected as Chairman of ADC, Chandel uncontested as he was the lone candidate, it continued.

So, the question of “self-elected” is baseless and unfounded, it said.

“Matter regarding holding of the said election at Imphal West District was related to security reasons unlike ADCs in other hill districts.”

It said the ALT had maintained that regarding to education system, Lhukhosei Zou focuses more to appease just one community. This statement is viewed as very communal, misleading, baseless and fabricated, it said.

As a matter of fact, Lhukhosei Zou during his tenure as chairman in the 4th ADC,

Chandel maintained fairness and equality to the best of his wisdom.

Regarding to ALT’s allegation on establishment of 50 unrecognized Primary Schools, it is clarified that it was done within the Council administration on need basis and not on community-basis it continued.

“A very good number of villages particularly of the Kukis located in the interior and far-flung areas are totally bereft of the benefits of primary education of the children.” “Such being the backward circumstance, when allocation was made on priority basis, it happened to be naturally more in the Kuki areas than Anal areas. Mention may be made that when this allocation was made, Vice Chairman and CEO of ADC, Chandel were Anal.”

Regarding upgradation of Primary Schools to Upper Primary Schools, ALT alleged that 3 out of 5 schools was allotted to one community (apparently referring to Kuki Community). Allocation was made on the basis of reports from AI, DI and officials concerned, it clarified.

When the matter was misunderstood by the Anal Naga Student Union, Chandel, it was explained to them in detail, it said.

The matter was finally settled by making agreement between the Council authority and leaders of Anal Naga Student Union, Chandel on the condition that the Council will include in its work programme “construction of Barrack Type Staff Quarters” at Unopat primary School under the District Council, Chandel in the 2nd Phase Work Programme List-2015 which is to be materialized sooner or later.

ALT also alleged that TSA supported the Congress led ADC in Chandel amid the sensitive issue regarding the three “anti-tribal” Bills. On this matter, TSA neither supports nor is against the Congress led ADC in Chandel as it is not involved in politics, neither did Lhukhosei Zou served our interest but made the statement on the issue on the basis of the veracity of the Chairmanship of Lhukhosei Zou in the best interest of fairness and justice so that the tribals of Chandel district can avail equal justice of development, peace and communal harmony, it said.

It continued in the HQ of ADC Chandel, while there are only four staff from Kuki community (comprising of several tribes) 23 belong to Anal community. But in the case of Departments like PWD, Medical, Agriculture and Veterinary, there is not even a single staff from Kuki Community. With regard to 12 regular posts of School Chowkidar/Mother, only one is from Kuki community, it said.

In the case of 919 teaching & non-teaching posts, hardly 104 are from Kuki community whereas Anal Tribe alone has 366. Out of 129 posts of Chowkidars, only 40 posts are from Kuki community. In respect of 129 Schools under ADC, Chandel, the Kuki community has only 45 while Anal Tribe alone has 29, it said.

On closer examination of the facts and figures stated above, the Kuki community, comprising of several tribes is far behind Anal Tribe in terms of posts under various Departments of ADC, Chandel, it continued.

It also said that the Zou Saangnaupang Pawl pi (Zou Students Assn.) endorses the

Statement made by TSA and is of the opinion that ALT did all these with a view to tarnish the image of Lhukhosei Zou, Chairman, ADC, Chandel.


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