Paite organisations fete families of `tribal martyrs`


CHURACHANDPUR, October 9: The Paite Tribe Council (PTC), the Paite Student Organisation (SSPP) and the Young Paite Association GHQ jointly organised a reception of the family members of the nine who were killed during the recent Churachandpur agitations against the three bills passed by the State Assembly on August 31.

The reception was held at the conference hall of PTC located at Hingham Lamka.

The leaders of the three organisations led by new president of the PTC told the family members of the nine that the sacrifices made by their sons, brothers and loved ones will not go in vain at which they replied that they have also sacrificed the bodies of their loved ones to the leaders of the present movement.

The family members said they were ready to comply with the JAC and other leaders regarding the burial of their loved ones in the name of the ongoing movement in the hills and for the cause of the tribal unity.

Meanwhile, a group of youngsters from the friend circle of the nine offered to clean the surrounding areas of the morgue on rotational basis among themselves, as the morgue where the bodies of the nine are being kept has become an area of mourning for people who arrives on a daily basis to pay their respect.

Meanwhile, JAC sources also informed that the sit in protest duty of local residents will be extended till 8pm from tomorrow from the present 7pm.


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