Promoting documentary film


Over the past few years, documentary film making has achieved a significant breakthrough in Manipur with young and passionate film makers making their mark in national and international film festivals thus proving the potential of Manipuri youngsters.

The new breed of film makers through their films has been unfolding the extraordinary tales of social changes and concerns in the conflict ridden state which largely remained elusive to outside world. There have been many inspiring film produced, critically acclaimed in both national and international arenas on issues ranging from conflict situation to gender equality to art and culture.

There will be no denying to the fact that these films have played its deserving parts, carefully portraying vivid pictures of the ground reality with sheer passion and without a bit of concern of the efforts and financial involvement.

Receiving of awards after awards during the recent years, within short gap, is the manifestation of the passion of the film makers of the state.

Documentary itself is a challenge in making for film makers in Manipur, in the absence of viewers and market. Yet, the enthusiasm is gradually surging as women film maker are catching up with the trend and making their own slot.

Although their (women film maker) participation in the current trend is still at an infant stage, with only a handful of determined women willing to take up the challenges.

Manipur being a conservative society, women are bound by “do’s and dont’s”, not visible to many outsiders. Although there are tales of unprecedented feat of Manipuri women like the “Nupi Lal” (Woman war) waged against the mighty British Empire but the social structure of Manipuri society is patriarchal in Nature.

Against all odds a handful of women have kept their vision buoyant laying a trail for those determined lots to pursue their dreams.

Regardless of its novel contribution documentary film continued to be impervious to the mass especially the lots that needs to be touched which is disheartening.

There was time when documentary film is perceived only for the high browed section of the society notwithstanding that it could be made inspirational. This was partly due to lack of platforms for the film makers to promote their works which most of the time gone unnoticed.

With the advancement of information technology and emerging social networking sites, the audience for documentary film witnessed a sharp increase unlike the past when documentary was confined within high-browed section.

Keeping in mind the brighter sides of the medium, this would be opportune moment for the Government to promote the new form of story-telling.

By doing this it could be a win-win situation for both, as it could create a platform for the new breed of film maker not the least can be publicity tool for the Government to help promote development.

Leader Writer: Leivon Jimmy


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