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Phayeng locals want proper identification of recent settlements in Kangchup Chingkhong

IMPHAL, May 24: Locals of Phayeng have demanded a clear cut clarification from Kangchup Chingkhong on the May 22 incident when some outlawed miscreants had allegedly attacked four locals of Phayeng at Kangchup Chingkhong.

Speaking to media persons today at the Manipur Press Club, Chakpa Phayeng Land and Water Conservation Committee convenor Angom Geten said Kangchup Chingkhong instead of making baseless allegations against Phayeng villagers, should issue a clarification on the incident at the earliest.

He said any clarification on the incident should bring out the story of both sides.

Geten said Phayeng villagers have no grudge against Kangchup Chingkhong, but the clarification should come within 15 days.

At the same time, the government should conduct a proper check of people in the area where several houses have begun to settle quite recently, he said.

He elaborated despite their claims of being Kukis, the newly settled individuals are unable to communicate with the locals.

This is unfortunate, he added.

He further charged Saitu MLA Ngamthang Haokip of bringing in foreigners and settling them there to be used as his vote bank.

He further warned any organisation of trying to issue any wrong clarification on the issue which could ignite communal disharmony in the State.

Geten continued on May 22 around 7pm, four people were returning from Ingourok Temple were stopped by an outlawed miscreant at Kangchup Chingkhong.

On getting information of the incident, Phayeng villagers went at Kangchup Village and approach the village authority to bring out the accused to settle the issue amicably, which was denied, he added.

The Phayeng villagers returned again on May 24 to talk on the issue, however, concerned by the number of villagers coming, the police personnel of Sapermeina Police Station fired tear gas shells and mock bombs to disperse the villagers, he said.

It is unfortunate that the police failed to even listen to them and never tried to bring a solution to the issue by hearing both sides, he lamented.

Meanwhile, the Zilllai (Vaiphei Students’ Association) GHQ has also issued a statement on the incident.

The statement signed by its general secretary Khailiansang Vaiphei said the association strongly condemn the action of a mob from Phayeng that allegedly attacked the residence of SK Vaiphei, ex-MDC, of Kangchup during the wee hours of May 23.

It claimed that the attack resulted in substantial damages to the property of Vaiphei, including his house and Maruti Car and at the same time caused severe emotional and physical stress to all the people staying inside the house at the time of the incident.

The incident happened when 2/3 youths from Phayeng and 2 locals from Phaileijang village all probably under the influence of alcohol had exchange of words leading to a minor scuffle, yet the incident was subsided with the intervention of some elders of Kangchup Chingkhong Bazar, it claimed.

However after some time, locals of Phayeng came in hundreds and attacked the house of SK Vaiphei, it said.

What has happened is completely unacceptable, and the concerned authority must book the culprits at the earliest, and award punishment befitting the crime. The Zillai also denounce the use of derogatory words which no longer find place in civilized society, it said.

It further demanded compensation for the properties destroyed, and the government to initiate measures to restore normalcy in the area.



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