Be happy to be happy coz you want to be happy


Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Are you bored of this kind of life? For me, yes. I am bored. But every time I try to find happiness, sadness nurtures me and cuddles me to worries. Now I know why? Every time a child comes to your house, are you not happy? You do stupid things together, he is just happy for no reason. Then when you are being so happy with him, some stupid senior will come and tell you, “Don’t teach stupid things to the child, and teach him properly.” What do you want to be in life? A happy person. Therefore, are you supposed to teach the child or learn from the child? Think readers.

You are standing next to a blind person, and in front of you, a man burns his car on the road; you got extremely shocked. But the person standing next to you, just walked away by humming some half-forgotten song, why? Are you going to say it’s because he is blind? If so then let me ask you something, do you see the car being burnt on the road or in your eyes? If on the road then, why the blind man can’t see? That means you saw in your eyes. In life, when you walk through, there are millions of sights which will disturb you and distract you but if you make use of your eye lids, you can smile forever. Just close your eyes when you don’t want to see it. Simple as that.

Things seem easy as I write but never that much. After reading my article or some inspirational quotes, you try to control your mind, you try to think positively, you try to think only good things, and when you can’t you push yourself down, thinking you are a bad person. Listen, you can’t control your mind. Environment is controlling it. Don’t you trust me? Okay I will make you trust me. Now, close your eyes and don’t think about me for one minute, can you? If you can, you can take all my white money, not the black ones, I don’t want Modiji to be behind you. Okay! The point that I am trying to make here is, did you try thinking only good things while praying and some shit thoughts came flying in your mind? Don’t be down, it’s natural. Never pray to God to empty your rubbish thoughts, that are very important, if you try to eliminate all those shit thoughts from your mind then all those shit thought will become new to you again which will tempt you to taste them again. Just keep all those thoughts, walk safely, you are in right direction.

Don’t be down when you realized that people hates you. Let me explain, when you stand in front of a clear glass, can you see your reflection that gives you a chance to improve your looks? No. Now over the other surface of the same clear glass if you apply silicon, you will now see yourself as it have become the mirror. In life, all this disturbances are the ones which are giving you a chance to improve yourself. Your close ones will always make you feel special, but at times your enemy’s ways of being with you will improve you.

Live like you are coming to this planet earth for a holiday, don’t be so serious about life. People keep thinking that they are very important, that will give you nothing but tensions. With all the things that seemed you are being responsible for, you are garlanded with immortality feeling in this mortal life. Take it easy, the world will be as it is even if you die now. Don’t worry for anything; the nature is so very much well designed far beyond our orbit of creative human abilities.

With so much of this busy life, even I myself forgot that I will die one day. I only realized that I will be dying one day only when my nose is blocked because of sinus due to winter. Once those stupid natural causes make me realize of my mortality, I start valuing all the seconds of my life.

I had a very simple conversation with one of a sweet and a budding pillar, Mr Anand Laishram, a student of St Joseph’s School, class 7. He is a very jolly kid, he laughs for no issues, I asked him for why he was laughing all the time, all that he gave me was, “Nok ning bei nok e ney.” He was laughing because he wants to laugh. Many seniors would get angry but, trust me; he just spoke the ultimate truth of life.

(The writer is based in Canada. And can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal)

Source: Imphal Free Press


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