In memory of a Nupi Lan leader


net_cm_ibobi_pays_floral_tributeIn memory of one of the versatile leaders of Nupi Lan 1939 Tongbram Shabi, her statue was erected at Ningthem Pukhri Mapal a few years back and also a road was named after her as Sabhi Leirak as a mark of respect for the great work done by her.

Late Tongbram Shabi d/o T Ningthoukhomba and T Kundolei is remembered every year by the League of Callow Patriots in a solemn function on Dec 12 at Wangkhei Ningthem Pukhri Mapal, Wangkhei.

Tongbram Rajkumari niece of Tongbram Shabi, who was brought up by Shabi herself spoke with IFP today on her life and works.

She said that Shabi was born on August 10, 1910 and died on Jan 1, 1974. She was married to (L) Sagolsem Samu but unluckily became a widow soon after her marriage and stayed in her maternal home.

Shabi was the president of Manipur Mahila Samelan (now All Manipur Nupi Marup) from 1949-1976.

She fought in the Nupi Lal of 1939 when she was only 29 and got injured badly from the bayonets and butts of the soldier’s weapon, she said.

She said, Shabi worked very closely with Hijam Irabot as a Communist cadre and also had also suffered in prison for six months after she got arrested on March 22, 1940.

She added that Shabi has done a lot of works in her life time for the development and women empowerment of Manipur which includes bringing of Panchayat Raj, work to established girl colleges and schools in Manipur though she is illiterate.

The observation of her remembrance in connection with the Nupi Lal Day was today attended by Yaiskul MLA Elangbam Chand Singh, Councilor L Tombi of Ward no 20, IPR director Meghachandra Kongbam, Ward member A Boby Devi besides L Thoithoi Singh President League of Callow Patriots.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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