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Manipur Blockade: NSCN-IM warns of the worst to happen

NSCN (IM) Cadres
NSCN (IM) Cadres (Representative Photo) Source: Internet

GUWAHATI: Accusing the Centre of allowing Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh
to disturb its ongoing peace process, the Isak-Muivah faction of major Naga insurgent group National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-IM) on Wednesday warned that Nagas would defend their “ancestral land” at any cost and as such, they should not be blamed for the worst to happen.

“The all-out support to Ibobi Singh has created huge trust deficit in the Central leadership of India. It is a matter of great surprise to us as the Government of India allowed Ibobi Singh to disturb the peace process at this crucial stage. The Nagas will defend their ancestral land at any cost. Therefore, the Nagas can no longer be blamed for the worst to happen,” the outfit said in a statement.

Loaded trucks stranded between Senapati due to the economic blockade

The statement came a day after Manipur government started clearing the two blockade-enforced national highways to bring stranded goods-laden trucks to Imphal Valley.

The NSCN-IM alleged that the existing problem in Manipur, triggered by State government’s decision to create seven districts without consulting the Nagas, was created by Ibobi out of his sheer desperation.

“At his behest, the Government of India is sending additional central forces against the Nagas. This clearly shows the nexus between Ibobi and Government of India. Where is the sincerity of Government of India in resolving the Indo-Naga problem?” the outfit, which has been in peace mode since 1997, asked.

Narendra Modi and BJP Central Govt representatives with Th.Muivah and NSCN (IM) leaders after signing the Indo-Naga “Framework Agreement”. Details of the agreement are yet to be disclose to the public.

It alleged that the creation of the new districts by carving out land from “Naga territory” without Nagas’ consent was a deliberate act to suppress their rights. The outfit said Manipur Governor Najma Heptulla’s assent to the creation of the new districts was a testimony that the Centre was instrumental in using Ibobi to please the Meiteis (Manipuris) at the expense of the Nagas.

“Is this not a treacherous attempt to undermine the peace talks on the part of Government of India? Will the Indo-Naga problem be solved through Ibobi Singh? We are serious! The fate of the Nagas will never be placed in the hands of anyone,” the NSCN-IM said.

Alleged NSCN-IM new recruits in Tamenglong Manipur (2015)

“We are serious about the political solution. We have not betrayed the Government of India all these long years of political negotiation. However, it would be wise on their part to seek a realistic approach to the Indo-Naga issue. The Indian leadership must realize the futility of using armed forces against the Nagas lest the hard-earned peace process would be rendered meaningless. Ibobi’s refusal to have a tripartite talk is bound to invite an endless confrontation,” it warned.


Source: New Indian Express


  1. Pakistan to stay Terrorist May disseminated every country by India addressed to WHO but NSCM-IM is main terrorist group organization from Northeastern India. My question is why Indian government supported to NSCM-IM ?????

  2. May be the end time for NSCN (IM)’s very selfish political game taking the help of central government has arrived. Today their terrorist act has come to light more and more to the extend that no one can tolerate any further. They neither help the Nagas from Nagaland nor the Nagas in Manipur. At this point, considering the conflicts between the Manipuri Nagas and Nagaland Nagas, its unlikely that the Nagas from Nagaland would like to welcome the Nagas from Manipur; likewise the Nagas from Manipur would not like to be a part of Nagaland, because Manipur is their mother land from birth; even if NSCN (IM) tried to remove it politically and forcefully, it cannot be removed from their heart and mind; rather they are forced to be called Nagas. NSCN (IM) apart from his political selfish gain, never think about the development of the Tankhuls and people in the hill whom he likes to name as Nagas. When it continued to play the human rights and starts injuring to this extend in the normal life of people and education, destroying the future of this young generation, NSCN (IM) has to take back all the damages he had done at the cost of public life.

  3. Last year, It was mostly about
    ILPS.. and now this…!!!!
    Do adults never think about the situations of students??
    I feel so sorry them….
    Its no better than children in pakistan….!!!!


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