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Hardselling oneself : Not a bad idea 100 days of BJP led Govt

It should be obvious to all. 100 days in office and the BJP is holding nothing back to publicise what it deems are the achievements of the BJP led Government here in Manipur. Just how seriously it has taken the task to be in the limelight can be easily gauged from the manner in which reporters from the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) have been assigned to the 12 Cabinet Ministers and the Parliamentary Secretaries. And so it is that the BJP led Government touched the three figure mark on 26th June and the manner in which this was announced to the public can be easily discerned from the full front paged advertisement in all the major dailies published from Imphal. The said advertisement was also issued to papers published from the district headquarters, other than Imphal.

This should more than say that the BJP is intent on highlighting its works to the people and this is a positive development. However it also remains that this is just about the present Government completing 100 days in office and the innings still has to go on for more than four more years. This is when the performance of the Government can be fully measured and weighed. What however stands is the point that so far it seems to be going in the right direction and this is saying a lot. The ice between the State Government and the hill based civil society organisations seems to have been broken for the time being and this is best exemplified by the red carpet rolled out for Chief Minister N Biren when he twice visited Ukhrul district headquarters. Ditto too when he visited Kangpokpi district headquarters and Senapati district headquarters to inaugurate the Barak Spring Festival.

The BJP led Government today is no longer ‘communal Government of Manipur’, a term used with gusto by numerous Naga civil society organisations, notably the United Naga Council while referring to the previous Congress Government. This is a move in the right direction. Other than this, Chief Minister N Biren touched the right chord in setting aside the 10th and 15th of each month as Hill Leaders’ Day and Meeyamgi Numit respectively. The revival of the MSRTC as the MST is a move that will go down well with the people and so is the opening of the Anti-Corruption Cell. Yes the Government seems to be going in the right direction, but there still remains some question, such as, is administration in some of the newly created districts such as Kamjong going on smoothly ? What is the status of administration in some of these newly created districts ? How about Jiribam, Pherzawl and Noney ? Will help if the State Government gives a highlight of the works being taken up in these newly created districts. It is also a reflection of the failure of the media to do in depth stories in some of these newly created districts. Piped water supply was another issue which the BJP highlighted in its pre-poll promise to the people. So far there is nothing much to suggest that the situation is set to improve soon as many localities in Imphal continue to receive piped water supply only twice or thrice a week and that too for a only a few hours. Yes three months is too little a time to expect the Government to address all the issues, but this is just a reminder that there are still a lot of things to be done and the BJP should not get lost in self congratulating itself.

Source: The Sangai Express



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