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Dr. Bibhu Prasad Routray, a Singapore-based security analyst, served as a deputy director in the National Security Council Secretariat, currently is a senior analyst with the Wikistrat. He can be contacted at bibhuroutray{at}gmail{dot}com and on Twitter @BibhuRoutray

Making a case for futuristic predictive policing in India

Jharkhand police is adopting predictive policing — an ambitious futuristic crime control method which will allow the police to foretell not just the nature...

Northeast Exodus: Reversal of globalisation?

By: Bibhu Prasad Routray Exodus of northeasterners: Reversal of globalisation? Way back in December 2001, Naga insurgent outfit NSCN-IM organised an event in Nagaland capital Kohima....
Assam's communal clashes: Politics over governance?

Assam’s communal clashes: Politics over governance?

By: Bibhu Prasad Routray   As forty-five people lost their lives and 200,000 people were rendered homeless in the week-long communal violence between the Bodo tribals...

Indo-Pak relations: An empty score-sheet

by: Bibhu Prasad Routray What exactly has moved forward in the Indo-Pakistan relations in recent months? Even the ardent optimists would find it difficult to...

India’s Response to Maoist Extremism: Force, Development or Both?

Executive Summary India is currently grappling with an effective response to left-wing extremism. Even though in the last two years, extremist violence as well as...

Of India’s intelligence and un-intelligent men

There was apprehension and then it suddenly turned into a monumental embarrassment. The photographs sourced by the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of the...

A long distance from a fully secure India

By Bibhu Prasad Routray Originally published on Dec 31, 2011 in the New Indian Express: http://expressbuzz.com/voices/a-long-distance-from-a-fully-secure-india/348041.html In the past few months, the government has asserted in...

Its time to bid farewell to AFSPA

By Bibhu Prasad Routray Given that the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act has been in vogue for more than two decades in 20 of...

Call for reshuffling of force deployment

The pattern of India’s internal security challenges has undergone a significant makeover in recent years. Chronic conflicts have either subsided or have hit a...
People of Sadar Hills blocking NH-39 demanding full-fledged Sadar Hills district on Wednesday.

Explaining the Siege: The Unending Blockades in Manipur

By Bibhu Prasad Routray 21 September 2011 : The ongoing blockades in Manipur entered 52 days on 21 September. Even by the prevailing norms in...

Mr. Chidambaram, Time to revisit the strategy in Manipur

  By: Bibhu Prasad Routray Barely 43 deaths of civilians, security forces and militants have been registered in Manipur in the first eight months of 2011....

Understanding and Managing Conflict Transformation in Assam

By:  Bibhu Prasad Routray Original Source: The Imphal Free Press (http://www.ifp.co.in/imphal-free-press-full-story.php?newsid=506&catid=3) The 12 July 2011 uni lateral ceasefire decla ration by the ULFA’s pro-talk faction and...

Conflict Transformation in Assam “Lessons and New Challenges”

by Bibhu Prasad Routray  Assam is experiencing relative peace after decades. Although incidents like the recovery of an IED from a train in the Guwahati...

Not Exactly `Flying` in the Naxal Heartland

by Bibhu Prasad RoutrayProviding the best of rms and equipment to paramilitary personnel is crucial to the success of India`s anti-Naxal strategyA Few days...