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Neken Singh Seram

Seram Neken, Imphal Based Freelance columnist. (A Regular Columnist of Hueiyen Lanpao English Daily & Ereibak Daily, Neken writes for local English newspapers and online publications). He also contributes regularly to KanglaOnline

Electric Poles becoming an effective media in Manipur

ELECTRIC POLES BECOMING AN EFFECTIVE MEDIA IN MANIPUR Sound of electric poles symbolizes unity, dedication, action-oriented, responsibility, democratic nature, and social-mindedness of Manipuri women.   Local people...

Manipur reaching out to neighbours

MANIPUR REACHING OUT TO NEIGHBOURS   Healthcare Service in Manipur is strategically significant for establishing healthy political and emotional relations between India and its neighbours. The...

Manipur: Lai Haraoba : The Universe of Knowledge

LAI HARAOBA: THE UNIVERSE OF KNOWLEDGE By:  Seram Neken The credit for the Manipuris being able to excel in various games and sports must go to...

Institutionalising Yaoshang Sports Manipur

By: Seram Neken An intellectual transformation from festival of colors to festival of sports has been occurring in modern Manipur during the last five decades....

KHULLANG ESHEI: Manipur’s Folk Treasure

KHULLANG ESHEI: Manipur’s Folk Treasure By: Seram Neken Khullang Esei is completely the improvisation of the singers without any written script. The immediate and spontaneous emotional...

Pena: The Royal Court Music of Manipur

The government must frame a policy for preserving the valuable indigenous art forms of various communities in Manipur.   By: Seram Neken   Pena is more than a...

Khongjom Parva: A precious treasure of the Manipuris

KHONGJOM PARVA:  A precious treasure of the Manipuris   By: Seram Neken Besides being a good singer, a Khongjom Parva artiste is supposed to be a skilful...

Are we humiliating the Father of the Nation?

A hopeful RTI in a dirty democracy ARE WE HUMILIATING THE FATHER OF THE NATION ? “Oh Bapuji ! you are indeed the universal symbol...

Lessons from Olympian Khadangbam Kothajit

By: Seram Neken The story of the neglected turns out to be of the spirit and perseverance. Kothajit’s disgrace on two counts does not...

Children's Rights at Stake in Manipur

Child Rights at Stake in Manipur. By: Neken Singh Seram Manipur needs a strong and energetic State Commission for ensuring Child Rights in the midst of...
Google Doodles London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Men's Rings

Guns Verses Pen

GUN VERSUS PEN - Brief history of the Press freedom in Manipur Has the time come for the pen-holders to take up arms for self-defense...

Manipuri Shumang Lila: Best social folk medium

By: Neken Singh Seram Shumang Lila is a popular folk medium of Manipur Valley and Hills. The government and people have to work for preservation...
Manipur Map as seen on Google Maps

Way To Harmony by Neken Serram

Inner Line permit system is beneficial to both the manipuris and non-manipuris Non-implementation of Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act in hill areas of...

Winds Of Change In Manipur University

By Neken Contract works rather than academic matters apparently receive more attention of the administration in Manipur University. It seems that the university has been...



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