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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Malaysian campaign by Major General Sir Gerald Templar around 1945

By Lt. Col. (Retd) H. Bhuban Singh The Second World War had already begun in Europe on 1st September 1939 when Adolf Hitler, the Chancellor...

Problem of migrant settlers Silent invaders or new neighbors

By M  C Arun The human tragedy in Rakhine State of Myanmar is well reported in different media around the globe. The clash between Buddhist...

Manipur reaching out to neighbours

MANIPUR REACHING OUT TO NEIGHBOURS   Healthcare Service in Manipur is strategically significant for establishing healthy political and emotional relations between India and its neighbours. The...

Thoubal River Valley Multipurpose Project Has Little Benefit

The Centre for Organisation Research and Education (CORE), Forum for Indigenous Perspectives and Action (FIPA) and United Peoples Front Manipur (UPFM) expresses deep distress...

Naga Mandala the Manipuri Drama : Review

Naga Mandala the Manipuri Drama : Review by: W Rorrkychand Singh In an attempt to add a new taste in performance using indigenous forms of performing...

No Analysis Please!

By Ananya S Guha Now the analyses of the Indian man's attitude towards the opposite sex are getting complex, if not abstruse. The latest 'theory'...

Reminiscences of an Era

By Ringo Pebam and & Jyaneswar Laishram New genres, new bands, new outlooks, new outfits –– now that the rock music scene of Manipur has...

Education: An agent of social change in Manipur

By Dr. Priyadarshni M. Gangte “Education is a liberating force, and in our age, it is also a democratizing force, cutting across the barriers of...

Aspirations, Opportunity and Deliberative Democracy: Manipur picture

By Amar Yumnam Aspirations are critical for both the individuals and collectively for the society. Aspirations for the future determine the present behaviour having future...

CRDO Preliminary notes on Sesachalam Killings

Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisation (CDRO) Sesachalam killings: Preliminary notes   The police version of the 'encounter is that on the early hours of the 7th, STF came across...
ILPS Demand Protest in Manipur - Students injured in police action

INDIA: Government Masterplan: Kick the Students Out of School

By: Urikhimbam Jenison   The Manipur state government has closed down all educational institutions in the state in an attempt to curb the ongoing movement for...

Politics Of Honesty

By Ananya S Guha Even as the Chief Ministers in three North East states were sworn in very little attention seemed to be paid to...

Questions of North East India . . .

By Ananya S Guha The recent clashes in Assam once again reveal the gory and tragic history of India’s North East. Political and Social commentators...

Warrior State, Pakistan

By B.G. Verghese While India has been invaded from the Northwest, the Northeast and from the coast, it is the Northwest passage that has historically...