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Appropriate farm mechanization for enhancing employment generation in Manipur : A holistic approach

The North-eastern region lying between 21.5o N – 29.5o N latitudes and 85.5o E – 97.3o E longitudes comprises of eight states – Assam,...

The Wrong Note

By Soibam Haripriya The year had started on a wrong note. The month of January saw a newspaper based in Imphal, Manipur reporting on a...
Assam's communal clashes: Politics over governance?

Assam’s communal clashes: Politics over governance?

By: Bibhu Prasad Routray   As forty-five people lost their lives and 200,000 people were rendered homeless in the week-long communal violence between the Bodo tribals...

Widening the STI Net for Implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda – By...

Widening the STI Net for Implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda By Dr. Shamshad Akhtar Investment in science, technology and innovation (STI) needs to be the backbone...

Literature and Politics

By Ananya S Guha The subject matter of my discussion, and my ensuing points, which I am all set to make, with a vengeance may...

Dear RBI, it’s not about hoarding notes, it’s about shortage of cash

Vivek Kaul In the press conference that followed the monetary policy on December 7, 2016, R Gandhi, one of the deputy governors of the Reserve...

Eche Sharmila, Where Is My Home Place?

Musings of A Desperate Dreamer in Exile          Eche Sharmila, Where Is My Home Place?          by: Desperate Dreamer Eche Sharmila, it has been twelve long years...

Something Is Terribly Wrong and Time Is Running Out in Manipur

By Amar Yumnam Violence has become increasingly ingrained into the daily happenings of Manipur and with no visible social response in sight to address the...

Protesting Too Much

By B.G. Verghese The more indefensible the action, the louder the protests. This appearsto be the flavour of the season. The Government properly stood its...

Cheiraoba Ching Kaba – Climbing Hills on Cheiraoba

Khuraijam Jibankumar Climbing the nearest hill on Cheiraoba, a festival of Meitei, an indigenous people of Manipur to celebrate New Year’s Day is an age...

CHRISTIANITY – the largest religion in the world

CHRISTIANITY - THE LARGEST RELIGION IN THE WORLD Dr Irengbam Mohendra Singh      January … 2012 “It is welcoming and very soothing to see an article about...

I Salute Manipur!

by Ananya S Guha North East India its people rightly feel is always in the news for the 'wrong' reasons. Portrayed as a region beset with...

You are born as a free man, at least die as a free man

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamZero bulbs are useless for searching things in the dark but pleasingly useful for searching peace in night to get mingled in the...

Confronting The State: Ulfa`s Quest For Sovereignty Review

By Anil Bhat Much blood has flown with the waters of the Brahmaputra basin and much has happened over the decades to undo the efforts...



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