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Friday, February 3, 2023
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Manipur as a Constitutional fiction with a nostalgia

There is something admirable about the Constitution of India as a living document. Take for example, the honesty with which it records the historicity...

Is Manipur dearth of qualified candidates for Assistant Professor?

The recent announcement of shortlisted candidates for the recruitment of Assistant Professors posts seems to cause a heavy jolt to aspiring candidates who have...
Earlier thatched Church of Rongphar Baptist Church (RBC), and now RCC Church at Rongphar Village

Nagaland: The Aos in Church movement in Amri Karbi areas

It is not out of nowhere, but it is God’s plan that I landed in a village called Rongphar. It is one of the...
TR Zeliang Chielf Minister of Nagaland

Nagaland: When will TR Zeliang expand his Ministry ?

By Oken Jeet Sandham When the Election Commission of India (ECI) has issued directive to the two NPF groups on March 27 to hold their...

Nagaland heading for Opposition-less government; not healthy in democratic government

By Oken Jeet Sandham When press people asked Chief Minister TR Zeliang as to when he would fill the vacant Cabinet posts in his Council...

Non-Occurrence Of Development: Manipur riddle

Non-Occurrence Of Development: Manipur riddle By Amar Yumnam The biggest riddle of Manipur is the potential and revealed capability of the people accompanied by the continuous...
Amar Yumnam

Information Manipulation, Stated Beliefs and Revealed Beliefs: Manipur’s current methodology

By Amar Yumnam Governance has now attained the “the status of a lost word of the English language to a fashionable and challenging concept in...

From 2014 To 2015: Expectations on social life

By Amar Yumnam The year just gone by has experienced significant changes in the political front. India underwent a dramatic shift in the power centre...

Sports, drama and a blast

By Chitra Ahanthem This week saw two major incidents: one was literally a loud blast in our own backyard `“ the bomb blast at MG...

Mind Matters

By Paonam Thoibi `Anxiety isn`™t always a bad thing; it helps you stay alert and focused` Q: I have heard so much about Anxiety Disorder. Also...

Silent Crises In Manipur: Time for application of mind, evolution of policy and action...

By Amar Yumnam Manipur is now facing serious social crises with national, international and provincial implications, and  which are not perceived as such by the...

If This Is Application Of Mind: Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make...

By Amar Yumnam The educational institutions in Manipur, right from the first stage to the colleges, have been locked out by the provincial government. This...

Mind Matters

By Paonam Thoibi “It is believed that people who are suicidal want the pain to end but not their life itself” Q 1. Madam, I recently...

What Has Happened in Ukhrul: height of fragility

By Amar Yumnam Any loss of life due to actions by any agency, whether state or non-state, is painful. No effort should be spared to...