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Monday, August 15, 2022

Good Society As The Global Challenge: Time to critically examine in Manipur’s case

By Amar Yumnam ‘The Good Society’ is title of a book written by Lippmann in 1937 and followed by another book of the same title...

Manipur Social Character and Individual Design: Dogged refusal to move forward

By Amar Yumnam Two great souls have left for heaven recently. Besides their significance to the national articulation and concern for issues of development transition,...

World In Rethink Mode: Is Manipur Joining?

By Amar Yumnam When the Soviet Union disappeared, the world was largely in a celebrative mood. But when the global economy has suffered the latest...

Nationalism, Pretentious Governance And Manipur: Need for critical application of mind

By Amar Yumnam Two recent events are critical testimony to the character and quality of governance we have in Manipur; these two display in full...

The Trend and The Risks: Towards Further Instability

By Amar Yumnam We need not master the great Einstein’s theory of relativity to establish that the deteriorating condition Manipur now finds herself has to...
Amar Yumnam

Time to Be Student, Time for Social Change and Time for Equalisation

By Amar Yumnam Now is the time to be a student of Social Science –Economics, Political Theory, and Sociology in particular. There is so much...

What Has Happened in Ukhrul: height of fragility

By Amar Yumnam Any loss of life due to actions by any agency, whether state or non-state, is painful. No effort should be spared to...

Terrorism, One to Nine and Still to Count and Fractionalisation: Manipur today

By Amar Yumnam Two recent events have caught the attention of social analysts in the land of the jewels (people say, but we are yet...

The Pipe Piper: Owning responsibility

By Amar Yumnam Definitely the land and people of Manipur are today passing through a very crucial phase in her trajectory of evolution towards a...
Amar Yumnam

Information Manipulation, Stated Beliefs and Revealed Beliefs: Manipur’s current methodology

By Amar Yumnam Governance has now attained the “the status of a lost word of the English language to a fashionable and challenging concept in...

Higher Education Worldwide: The diversifying and multiplying scenario

By Amar Yumnam Attending the Indo-Global Education Summit in Delhi during 4 and 5 of November of 2011 has been an enhancing experience personally as...

Steal, My Countrymen, Steal: A Survival Kit in Contemporary India

By: Amar Yumnam The fundamental drive for human beings is survival, Darwin or no Darwin. Now this survival has meanings only when we can afford...

Economy Wounded, But Who Cares: Vote, governance and slippery population

By Amar Yumnam On the second Saturday of this month, I entered with a friend a high-end cookies and sweetmeat store in Imphal; being high-end,...

Why the Armed Forces Special Powers Act Should Go: Some New Arguments

By Amar Yumnam The despised, dreaded and utterly undemocratic Armed Forces Special Powers Act is again in the news, debates and hurling of blames consequent...