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Monday, August 15, 2022

“Mubarak: Enter + Shift + Delete”- Civilisational lessons of the Egypt Revolution[1]

by Amar Yumnam It all started in a small Arab country with only about one-third the population of Manipur, Tunisia. The powerful dictatorial president of...

A Visit to Thoubal: Ibobi as Instrumental Value

By Amar Yumnam I was in Thoubal on Sunday. This was my visit to the side after about a gap of one year. I must...

Communal, Corrupt and Criminal: New Picture of Manipuris

By Amar Yumnam In this column last week, I had sung a feeble song  of the competitive spirit of the Meeteis and the relative sharpening...

2014 Parliamentary Elections: Path-Breaking for the Rest of India and Parasitism in Manipur

By Amar Yumnam I am post-1947 child. So I am not aware of what happened to the elections in this country till the 1960s. But...

Hello, Hello, Hello, Am I talking to Electricity Complaint Room ?

“One who pays bills regularly, even if he is the poorest or the most backward, is more important than a Very Important Person who...

The Idea of Manipur: Time for deep introspection

By Amar Yumnam What matters most in sustaining a society? What makes a thriving society different from the one failing to evolve into a higher...

“Playing for Change” and Bluffing for Change: Civilised behaviour vis-a-vis Manipur behaviour

By Amar Yumnam Thomas Hobbes said in his classic Leviathan thus: “All Laws need Interpretation”. We can think of paraphrasing him and assert thus: All...

No lacuna in MU Committee: VC

IMPHAL, April 9: There is no lacuna in the procedure of constituting the syllabus committee of Human Rights & Duties Education in Manipur University...

Terrorism, One to Nine and Still to Count and Fractionalisation: Manipur today

By Amar Yumnam Two recent events have caught the attention of social analysts in the land of the jewels (people say, but we are yet...

Messiness as Social Agenda: Dilemma of transition

By Amar Yumnam Every individual and every society goes through phases of transformation. This is however never a continuous process nor a linear progression. It...
Amar Yumnam

Time to Be Student, Time for Social Change and Time for Equalisation

By Amar Yumnam Now is the time to be a student of Social Science –Economics, Political Theory, and Sociology in particular. There is so much...

The Pipe Piper: Owning responsibility

By Amar Yumnam Definitely the land and people of Manipur are today passing through a very crucial phase in her trajectory of evolution towards a...

Higher Education in the Northeast: The Disconnects and the Challenges

By Amar Yumnam Higher education in our region has been a major issue of debate and discussion among academics based in the colleges and universities...

Youths, Drugs and Justice: Absence of Smooth Transition

By Amar Yumnam Recently we have been receiving news about the arrest of youths on criminal grounds. The latest in this genre is the arrest...