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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Beyond the headlines of child trafficking

By Chitra Ahanthem There is a saying that there are times when the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. An...

Keeping it clean

By Chitra Ahanthem       Over the years, Imphal has come to be so ravaged by plastic that various campaigns have come up to clean up...

TV Reality Check!

By Chitra Ahanthem In the golden days of a  single TV channel, the  only entertainment programs used to be the very popular “Chitrahaar” on every...

Media and the NGOs

Chitra Ahanthem. One popular trend that has been catching up the past few years has been for NGOs working in various sectors to call in...

(W)raped about ourselves

By: Chitra Ahanthem Suddenly, the issue of ?rape? is now occupying center stage due to a spate of such incidents across the country and the...

Binaton rally!

By: Chitra Ahanthem As the countdown to the Common Wealth Games gets ticking, controversies continue to dog it at Delhi and good old Manipur. The...

Online footprints!

By: Chitra Ahanthem As the world gets more wired today, it is fast leading to a situation where, on one hand people you hardly know...