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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Localizing economies

By Tinky Ningombam Shortage of amenities is not a new phenomenon in a poor state like Manipur. However the self-induced shortage of food and amenities...

Entrepreneurship In Policy-Making: Modi’s hallmark and Manipur’s lacuna

By Amar Yumnam Change and development do not happen in a vacuum. The UPA II period was a vacuum. There was no authority, no accountability,...

We are family !

By Tinky Ningombam Do you dread family get-togethers? Pardon my French, but if the answer is hell-yeah, believe me, you are not the only one. It...

Eternal Youth anyone ?

By Tinky Ningombam Some people say age is just a number. Sadly all practical theories seems to point otherwise. For people unwilling to face inconvenient...

Tamenglong Headquarters As The Summer Capital of Manipur: From bleak to hope

By Amar Yumnam Charles Dickens wrote the Bleak House where: “Fog everywhere. Fog up the river, where it flows among green aits and meadows; fog...

2014 Parliamentary Elections: Path-Breaking for the Rest of India and Parasitism in Manipur

By Amar Yumnam I am post-1947 child. So I am not aware of what happened to the elections in this country till the 1960s. But...

Smiles and Waves

By Tinky Ningombam Similar to the calm that settles in after the storm, the country seems to peacefully retreat back to their normal lives albeit...

Coping with Infertility

There is no other word to replace Motherhood. To give a definition of it would be a futile endeavor, though we might succeed if...

Life is Flux

By Tinky Ningombam It is hard for most people to adapt to change. It is hard to face fears or start something new for fear...

Knowing mobile phone etiquette

Tinky Ningombam My first mobile phone was the Nokia 3315. It was not only a phone, it was a primitive tool carved from the very...

LS Election Manipur: Yes or No to NOTA, what voters are saying?

LS Election Manipur: Yes or no to NOTA, what voters are saying? Democracy is all about choices and election in majoritarian electoral system is a...

Contagious Ignorance

Tinky Ningombam We deal with superficiality all our lives.  We have seen it when we see people act different just to give an outward appearance. ...

A Report on Performance of MPs from North-Eastern States of India

Progress report of MPs from the Northeastern states of India: Report At last the progress report of our Member of Parliament has come out. For...

Motivation`s the word

By Tinky Ningombam We all need motivation in our lives. Sometimes, we get it from ourselves or we get it from others. Preachers, Religious teachers,...