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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Editorial – Let The Drive On Power Tarrif Be A Lesson For All

Leader Writer : Sukham Nanda It is indeed an eye opener for all concern citizen of the valley districts of the state to make regular...

Lack of interest

Why are the LDA authorities so sympathetic to K-Pro Infra Works Ltd? Or why is K-Pro Infra Works Private Ltd so endearing to the...

Reminiscing the Summer of 2004

This coming summer, it will be ten years since the brutal killing of Pastor Jamkholet Khongshai and Thangjam Manorama unfolded a summer of turmoil...

Courage under siege in the tyranny of majority

Leader Writer: Svovado Kangleicha The death of Nido Taniam has brought to the fore the widespread racism prevalent in what one calls ‘the largest democracy...

Tackling Traffic Woes

Nothing can be so confusing and worse in Imphal city than the chaotic traffic flow. Though the number of vehicle mainly passenger service has...

Lonesome Crusade

Fifteen years ago, before that fateful afternoon of November 2, 2000, on which the Assam Rifles gunned down 10 innocent bystanders at a bus...

Cracking down on LPG hoarders : Now go for the big fishes

It is obvious. The drive launched by the State police against LPG hoarders and seizing 686 LPG cylinders in the last two days perfectly...

Not the time for passing the buck Addressing the reality

Passing the buck. This is what the Congress and the BJP are apparently doing and while both sides have their own points to deliver,...

Beyond the Bazar

It is rather strange that city managers of Imphal have always a myopic view while deciding policies or at the stage of execution. Be...

Landing in yet another controversy Infamy clouding MPSC

Mark tampering to confusing instructions to candidates. And now allegations that there is no reservation for Scheduled Caste and the infamy of Manipur Public...

Setting aside a day for the public Meeyamgi Numit

Meeyamgi Numit. People’s Day. Perhaps this is the first time that the State Government has decided to keep aside a day for the public...

Stability and opportunity

It really is an inspiring development for the people of the state especially for the government of Manipur that the Manipur Sangai Festival is...
Lush Evergreen Hillocks of Dzuko Valley

To Preserve or Exploit Dzuko

True natural heritages should belong to the entire world. The beautiful valley high up on the mountain Dzuko should be one such too. It...

The bumper gamblers

It is good that the police had swiftly moved into action against the organizers of Tambola at Iboyaima Sanglen following an IFP complaint in...