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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Embracing Dissent View

All of us look at the world through different sets of assumptions. Our observations and interpretations are bound to differ from one another. A political view...

Case of too many cooks spoiling the broth Please one, disappoint others

Expectedly it is the two principal political parties which have announced the names of candidates for the upcoming Assembly election. While the Congress has...

ILP Imbroglio; Crisis Within

The 42 hour public curfew announced by Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System, JCILPS has already begun denouncing the government’s ‘delaying tactics’ in...

Incomplete idea of India as a Nation Need to do more than Act East

Prove your Nationality in your own country. Sounds ludicrous, but this is exactly what happened when a group of students from Central Agriculture University,...

Sponsored Economy Woes

The Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi’s worry at the thought of the Centre ending the special category status for North East states, ought to be...

Absurd theatre reloaded

Manipur has yet again relapsed into the absurd theatre it turns into periodically. On the one hand is the crisis of currency notes with...

Sharing homeland

These are bad times for Manipur. Though the danger has still not been put to rest, the state can take some solace in the...

NOTA and its growing relevance

Around 11 lakh people of Manipur are eligible to exercise their right to adult franchise in the first phase of the 11th Manipur Legislative...

Never ending demonetization woes

Is demonetization going to be factor in the coming assembly elections in some states including Uttar Pradesh and Manipur? This is a major question...

NE, tourism potential and poor connectivity

It would not be any exaggeration to say that Korean movies, dramas, music and television serials have struck a chord with the people of...

What corruption kills

In one and a half months, the term of the current Assembly would have ended and a new government ushered in. In all likelihood...

Check on influx still stands Mum on the deep divide

The stand of the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) that non-locals cannot and should not contest in the coming Assembly election...

Making peace work

A day after the Khurai mob rampage yesterday, it is important for everybody to take a deep breath and reflect on what has happened...

Voting in a season of discontent

By Pradip Phanjoubam  (This article was first published in The Hindu, January 18 issue) The dates for the election to the Manipur Legislative Assembly have been...