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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Phnom Penh City. Photo: escapafetravel.biz

A journey to Phnom Penh, Cambodia: By Chingakham Dina

Cambodia is a day's journey from Bangkok. You start by bus in the morning around 5-6 am from Bangkok. You reach Thai-Cambodia border, which...
Manipuri feature film Mami The Image has got wide publicity thanks to the portrayal of prostitute Kuki women in their traditional 'Khamtang' attire and the protest against it by a frontal students' organisation. In this connection I would like to put forth my observations.

The Bad Image – Manipuri Feature Film – Mami – Review

Mami The Bad Image - A opinion/review by CT Haokip, Delhi   Manipuri feature film - Mami - The Image has got wide publicity thanks to the portrayal of prostitute...

SHAUN OF THE DEAD: an undead comedy

By: el Kay Takhel It’s been a week since the Oscars and all the hullabaloo surrounding the day, a day when a few films, from...
Remove Obstacles To Implement `Look East` Policy For Trade, Prosperity

Remove Obstacles To Implement `Look East` For Trade, Prosperity

Review of the book By Anil Bhat Considering the geo-strategic importance of India’s vast north eastern region (NER), now comprising eight states and sharing borders with...

Book extract / Rivers, River Valleys, Mountains as integral region

By Pradip Phanjoubam Here is another extract from another chapter of my forthcoming book written as a fellow of the IIAS, Shimla. Here too the...

DRIVE: A driven movie

By Elkay Takhel Men have always been fascinated by thrilling car chase sequences. Especially in the olden days when CGI meant getting the stunt driver’s...
Bony & Bala in Delhi Mellei

Movie Review: Moral Lessons from Mellei’s Life

By Kapil Arambam   Delhi Mellei, which is meant to be a film of social relevance, has been reduced to a korfu of craps by its own lame,...