Chief minister warns of AFSPA return to Imphal municipal area


IMPHAL, August 25: The chief minister O Ibobi Singh has categorically stated that the Centre may reimpose the AFSPA which was relaxed in Imphal Municipality area of seven assembly segments in Imphal West and Imphal East districts if the present trend of bomb hurling at residential area and the threats and intimidations to general public continue.

If the Centre decided to reimpose the AFSPA in Imphal Municipality area, state government will find it difficult to pressurize for repeal of the controversial legislation, Ibobi added.

Chief minister was speaking at the sidelines of the distribution of ex-gratia amount of Rs 2 lakhs to families of Major L Jyotin, an Indian Army officer killed in Afganistan and was conferred Ashok Chakra (posthumously) recently.

Ibobi handed over ex-gratia amount of Rs 2 lakhs to late Army officer’s parents.

Speaking further at the ceremony Ibobi said Major Jyotin was the first Indian Army officer from Manipur who fought valiantly against the terrorists to save lives of his colleagues and children at Kabul, Afganistan.

Amongst the persons who love their motherland decease L Jyotin was one of the bravest army personnel and losing of such brave man is a great loss not only for Manipur but also for the country. Ibobi said he is proud for the supreme sacrifice made by Jyotin for he belonged to sons of Manipur.

Ibobi further stated that scores of Army personnels are lining up to fight terrorists and insurgents, but the sacrifice made by Jyotin was rare.

About the state recently problems of killing non locals by the unknown suspected arm militants groups, the state government will not keep silent about this matter and further the state government will take up appropriate action against them, he added.

He also said that, as per the demands of the state Meira Paibies, NGOs and clubs of the state the central  government had agreed to repeal AFSPA from 7 assembly segment of the Imphal Municipal Areas but due to continuous attack of state government officials by bomb and killing of non local, extortion etc. make doubt to state government that the centre may reimpose AFSPA in 7 assembly segments.

About the development programme taken up by the state government like NIT, JNIMS and other central Institute, Ibobi said disturbances created by the unknown persons in state create a much problems to the state as well outside the state, especially for students who went for further studies outside Manipur. If such unwanted incidents continue, then all the central institute opened in the state might fail to run.

The ex-gratia distribution function was also attended by YAS minister N Biren, agriculture minister N Loken.


  1. What more can we expect from a leader of a political class which have no understanding the real meaning of politics forget about democracy. The political class of Manipur have never been involved in the politics of the people not to mention their lack of knowledge of their own history, geography, economics of the land they are governing nor do they have any think-tank which will lead to a peaceful and prosperous future of the land. All they indulge is in the politics of corruption and money making but they cannot be blame for this. Those who wants to climb the social ladder and get rich join this political class.
    Comming to the topic, i would like to compare the CM of Kashmir with our CM, no matter how hated the former has become of late in Kashmir he at least has a vision for the future of Kashmir which Mr. Ibobi does not seem to have. The repeal of AFSPA has nothing to do with the bombings, law and order is your responsibility. There was bombing in imphal while AFSPA was there, there is bombing now. So, Mr. Ibobi please don’t try to fool us, you are only fooling yourself.

  2. of late it’s the non-manipuri people who are being more vocal against the imposition of such brutal acts in Manipur.
    and most of the ‘elite’ Manipuris aren’t much aware of human rights. so, they are treated like animals in their own home.

  3. In fact AFSPA is removed from Imphal area in the paper only, there were more killings (fake encounters) happend in Imphal area in the last 2/3 years than any other palce in Manipur…. untill AFPSA is totally repealed, there is gonns be any difference at ground zero… funny part is when People are demanding repealing of AFSPA from whole of NE & our Mr CM is talking about re-imposing AFSPA in IMphal area again…. if u r the true CM of Manipur who represents the people – you have to stand against Central govt’s decision if not u r just another coward…..

  4. The Chief Minister should be advised that the International Community provides no harbour for those who orchestrate or commit war crimes or crimes against humanity, for example the gang rape of young school teacher by paramilitaries under your control, or any of the two hundred extra-judicial murders the MHRC cited as part of its legal opinion that AF(SP)A is unjust and unconstitutional. This tallies with two other Indian Judicial Committees and several UN and EU commission reports. When Mr Ibobi retires from public service and decides to travel abroad where Human Rights do apply he will curse the system that has him arrested and brought before the International Criminal Court and he will be grateful that he was not bound and gagged and dragged from his hotel room in the middle of the night.

    Now we have both been warned.

    Desmond M Coutinho
    (Citizen of Free Europe)
    St Ephrem Ecumenical Research Institute
    29 Baker Hill
    Kerala 686001

    Be advise AF(SP)A does not apply anywhere in mainland India. In the rest of India they face only Muslim extremists, Naxalites, State Sponsored Terrorists from abroad. Mainland India has never felt the need for AF(SP)A. Go figure.


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