Organised worshipping and Social Feast in Ancient Kangleipak


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Organised worshipping and Social Feast in Ancient Kangleipak.

The Kangleicha Meetei Race, as one of the most ancient people having a very early civilization on the earth, had social organized worshipping of their God Creator, and social Feast since very early days of human civilization, though we are unable to say with dates today because of the burning of all written documents including Kanglei scriptures called the Puya by the Kangleichas.

In ancient Kangleipak we had two kinds of histories of the people – one for the State, and one for every group of people, what we call today in English Surname and in Kanglei Society as Sagei (Sakei). The State history is called Kanglei Puwari, and the Sakei Puwari is called Yumtaba Puya.

For every group of Kangleichas, which we call Sakei, there is a male person at the head of the Sakei. He is the worshipper of the group, interpreter of the scriptures, hymn, etc and he will choose the cooks for social feasts. He is called Piba (Pipa). The role of a Bamon (Brahman) in the Hindu days is designed as the role played by Piba.

A Kanglei Piba has certain qualifications in the Kanglei Monarchy. A Kanglei Piba must not have a physical defect. He cannot be mentally deficient. His wife too must have the same physical qualification as himself and should be married to the Piba as virgin woman.

A Piba is the agent of the Kanglei Monarch. Any State law or order will come to Piba first and the Piba will be responsible for execution of the State law or order.

But after the advent of Hinduism in the 18th century, everything of Kangleipak had been disorganized. A Bamon ( a derivative of Brahman) has taken the place of a Kanglei Piba. A Bamon is the worshipper cook, and everything upto 1949. Though the Kangleichas do not know what is the antecedent of the Bamon, his origin and private life, cooking and other functions.

When, in Manipur, Hindu King’s power has become waned, the Kanglei revivalism comes to the forefront of the society and now there are hundreds and thousands of peoples who do not accept the worship of the Bamons and do not eat the meals cooked by the Bamons.

As a result of this revivalism and return to the ancient culture of the Kanglei Meetei Society, a group of Kangleicha Meeteis composed of experts in cooking business has come out to serve the Revivalists of ancient religion and culture of Kangleipak.

The following people are the members of an Association of cooks called Khwai Sagolband Phuhou Lup established in 1987 devoted to the cooking business to serve the Kangleichas professing ancient religion and culture of Kangleipak in the Imphal West :

1.      Khulem Tejmani,
Sagolband Loukram Leirak, Imphal.
M. No. 9856483209

2.      Lairenjam Maniton Meetei,
Sagolband Lairenjam Leikai,
M. No. 9856504545

3.      Takhellambam Tombi Meetei,
Mayanglangjing Taning,
M. No. 9856974908

4.      Takhellambam Ibochou Meetei,
Mayanglangjing Taning,
M. No. 9862096771

5.      Yengkhom Kheljit Meetei,
Sagolband Yengkhom Leirak,
M. No. 9856365554.

6.      Salam Angousana Meetei,
Salam Kiyam

7.      Yumnam Khoibi Meetei,
Sagolband Ingudam Leirak

8.      Nandeibam Kula Meetei,
Sagolband Lukram Leirak.

9.      Haorongbam Kangjamba Meetei,
Naoremthong Laishram Leirak
M. No. 9774442118

10.    Tongbram Dhananjoy Meetei,
Moirang Hanuba Leirak
M. No. 9856750532

11.    Soyam Action Meetei,
Sagolband Moirang hanuba
M. No. 9856898503

12.    Takhellambam Sanayaima Meetei,

13.    Takhellambam Khomba Meetei,

14.    Takhellambam Chaobi Meetei,

15.    Takhellambam Ibomcha Meetei,

16.    Salam Kalachand Meetei,
Salam Kiyam

17.    Salam Santa Meetei,
Salam Kiyam

18.    Salam Devan Meetei,
Salam Kiyam

19.    Salam Samo Meetei,

20.    Yumnam Khamba Meetei,
Yurembam Mayai Leikai

21.    Konthoujam Khamba Meetei,
Konthoujam Laimang

22.    Konthoujam Samu,
Konthoujam Mamang

23.    Ingudam Ibobi,

24.    Apujam Jatishore,

25.    Kshetrimayum Guneswar,

26.    Usam Dhamen,

The list of cooks of other districts will be webcast by an by.

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