Govt asked to fix rates for passenger fares


IMPHAL, Aug 23: The Forum for Social Harmony (FORSH) has called for attention from the concerned department of the state government to fix the rates for the transport vehicles in view of the current standoff between the different civil organisations in the state and the transporter bodies. A press release issued by the forum convenor, Longjam Ratan Meitei states that the economic blockade imposed along both national highways have affected the living conditions of the public, stating that the price of essential commodities has skyrocketed. Due to the price rise the transporters have increased the fares as per the hike and unavailability of fuel.

The release further stated that since the fuel crunch faced previously had eased and the petrol pumps have started giving fuel normally.

Despite the availability of fuel, various transport organisations which hiked their fare have refused to bring down the fare in view of the price of motor parts and the price of petrol and diesel which have gone up making the fare fixed by the government in 2008 outdated.. The transporters are adamant that the price fixed by them should be in effect.

Further, the release stated that neither civil organisations nor the transporters can fix the rates and it is the sole right of the state government to fix the fares.

The release appealed that the concerned authorities of the state should take action at the earliest to avoid any unwanted incidents which may crop up. The forum also appealed to the transporters to charge the passengers at the normal rate until the state government establishes a reasonable amount.


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