LPG shortage decried by MPP


IMPHAL, Aug 19: The Manipur People’s Party (MPP) has decried non-availability of petroleum products, especially of LPG in the state despite of the order of CAF&PD to decontrol petroleum products following increase in the present stock.

A statement of MPP said that the people of the state are still facing problems of shortage of LPG in the state and the refilled cylinders are hard to be procured even at high price from the black market. The ministers, MLAs and other top ranking government officials are procuring refilled cylinders in large numbers for their own use without much consideration for the common masses, it stated.

The party also condemned the failure of the FCS department in distributing the PDS ration items in time to the people of the state that are facing lots of hardship while procuring essential commodities.

Further, the MPP drew the attention of the Central government to pay serious attention to the prevailing issues of the state and chalk out measures to heal the woes of the people


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