Threat to tribal lands discussed at Ccpur


From M Kaimuanthang

LAMKA, Aug 24: As many as 24 different tribal organisations including the apex bodies of Inpi/ Council have deliberated on the threat posed to tribal lands and possible means to redress such problems at Tuibuong Vengnuom community hall yesterday.

The gatherings while appreciating the firm stand adopted by COPTAM on the issue of overlapping census, distortions of district boundary and records of hill district pledged support to the movement for the sake of protection and promotion of the tribal rights.

The meeting rejected the attempt to replace existing village authority with the village council, and the plan of the government to conduct hill land survey and establish separate directorate of settlement (Hills).

It has also rejected the plan to create Jiribam district and institution of Moreh Principality in tribal areas while denouncing the plan to establish IRB training centre at Ngahmunphai and Khasia without giving compensation for the tribal lands.

The attempt on the part of the government to conduct Panchayat election in parts of hill tribal areas has been condemned in the meeting as well.


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