AR interacts with village chiefs


IMPHAL, Sep 22: The 8 Assam Rifles of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under HQ IGAR (South) organized an ‘Interaction with Village Chiefs’ and ‘Medical Camp’ at village Mualnuam. The commandant headed the interactive session with the Village Chiefs, Youth Clubs and local populace on the one hand and Senior Medical Officer of Assam Rifles, on the other hand, simultaneously conducted the medical camp at the same place. Officiating Commandant addressed the various problems and grievances of the local people and assured them of cooperation and help on behalf of the Assam Rifles.
In yet another step to establish a cordial relationship and to win the ‘Hearts and Minds’ of the local populace of Sajik Valley, the Battalion in coordination with the local populace executed the repair of iron bridge over Kanalok River on 20 September. The iron bridge stood as the only bridge over the river in the area and hence formed a very critical link between Gelngai and Sajik Valley. An approximate 1200 people are directly affected by the iron bridge as their daily routine of movement and transportation (both man and material) depends on it. Owing to heavy rainfall and prolonged movement the efficacy of the bridge had diminished. Thus, an effort was undertaken by 8 Assam  Rifles to repair the Iron Bridge. The local people took active part and in coordination with Assam Rifles worked together to repair the bridge. Some repair material like approximately 150 pairs of nuts and bolts were also provided by the AR Battalion.


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