IPSA lambasts corruption culture as root of all ills


IMPHAL, Sept 14: Blaming corruption for all the ills and problems faced by the state, N Binoy, president Senior Citizen for Society, Manipur while speaking at the 13th foundation day celebration of International Peace and Social Advancement, IPSA said peace in the state can only be achieved when corruption is totally uprooted.

Binoy also stated that the present scenario in the state of using bombs and guns to collect funds is against the very foundation of a revolutionary party. While blaming the state and central government for the current mass cropping up of various revolutionary factions in the state, he has also made an appeal to the elders of the concern revolutionary factions to bring unity among the various groups.

While calling for a united front among the people of the state and work towards the prosperity of the state, the senior citizen said as long as unity is absent in the state, development and peace cannot be brought.

The IPSA foundation day was held at the Iboyaima Shumang Leela Shanglen, Palace Compound today and it was also attended by Dr Kh Ratan Singh, MLA, Tamphasana, vice president Kanglamei and Ch Shankar, president IPSA as chief guest, guest of honour and president respectively.

While speaking at the occasion Dr Kh Ratan blammed lack of unity among the people of the state for the current problems faced by the state. He appealed to the people to bring unity to solve the problems faced by the people of the state.

He has also blamed the large number of civil societies and NGOs mushrooming in the state for the failure to bring immediate and peaceful solutions to any issues in the state.

To bring a united front in the state, he called upon all civil societies and NGOs to bring unity in them and realise the need bring a change in the society. Sincerity and transparency should be the spirit while working on a state issue, he noted.

Khuplar Kom, president NIPCO while speaking on the occasion warned that in case the government fails in the devolution of power to the newly elected ADC members, various Kuki organizations of the state might launch severe forms of agitation as they have fully prepared for the agitation.

Y Dillip Kumar, president UCM in his speech stated that the demands of the UCM and other civil societies for application of the inner line permit in the state was wrongly interpreted by the government. He further stated that the demand is not against outsiders but a call to bring integrity among the people of the state.



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