Irabot’s role in uplift of women recalled


Imphal, Sep 25: Conceptual strategies that have been contributed by the Lamyanba Hijam Irabot for the upliftment of weaker sections of society, especially the women of the state, was praised during the one-day seminar held today under the theme ‘Irabot and Women’ at Nupilal Complex Imphal.

The seminar which was organized by the Manipur Nupi Marup was formally inaugurated by the state Health and Family Welfare minister Ph Parijat this morning, during which the state health minister expressed that Hijam Irabot was a true leader of the state.

State Health minister Ph Parijat during his inaugural speech of the seminar further mentioned that the contributions that have been made for the people of the state by Hijam Irabot need to be realised by the people of the present generation in order to uplift every aspect of social development and equality which the people of the state desire.

In the meantime, Chongtham Jamini, former chairperson of the Manipur State Women’s Commission who was the guest of honour, praised the important role played by the women of the state in various aspects of state issues since time immemorial.

She further mentioned that the women in the state have also played many a frontal role while solving the problems of the state till today. The courage of the women of the state needs to be encouraged so that existing women’s problems can be solved to some extent, she added. The inaugural session of the seminar was presided by Kadamni, a patron of the Nupi Marup.


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