Only few Nagas want Naga integration: Gaikhangam


IMPHAL, Sep 21: Only a section of Naga community of the state favours the policy of Naga integration while the majority of Naga people cherish a peaceful and harmonic co-existence of all communities in the state, said Gaikhangam during a reception programme organized by ADC and DCC of Tamenglong district today at Langol Tarung in honour of his re-election as the president of Manipur Pradesh Congress Party (MPCC).
The MPCC president Gaikhangam further stated that as a Naga leader of the state he receives many intimidations for standing against the Naga integration, but he would continue to propagate the feelings of oneness and brotherhood amongst the people of the state. 
He said that the Congress Party being a truly secular and democratic political party of the country has been able to establish the Secular Progressive Front (SPF) government which stands for the development and welfare of all communities in the state. The reconstitution of ADC in the hill districts of the state after a gap of nearly 20 years is a landmark development of the state which has been striving to bring equal development in both hill and valley regions, he noted.
He also maintained that the All India Congress Committee (AICC) has acknowledged the golden regime of the state Congress Party under the leadership of O. Ibobi as the chief minister and himself as the president of MPCC which has been able to set up absolute majority in the 9th state legislative assembly by securing 31 seats out of the total 60.
In view of continuing the trend of such commendable performance in the state the Congress high command has decided to retain him as the president of MPCC to coordinate the chief minister in his functionaries, Gaikhangam averred.
Dwelling on the principles of Congress Party, he said that the Congress Party is like a second religion which embraces all people belonging to different religions, castes and communities. The secularism and highly democratic principles of the Party have been able to uphold the trust and confidence of the people, he asserted.
He further said that his re-election as the president of MPCC may be regarded as the policy of the Congress Party to include the leaders of minority community in making the Indian democracy successful, and added that there are no differences in the party and the decision of the AICC regarding the election of MPCC was totally based on “consensus”.
Gaikhangam also appealed to all the people to strengthen the territorial as well as emotional integrity of the state for a developed and prosperous Manipur.
Congratulating Gaikhangam on his re-election as the president of MPCC, ex-minister Jangamlung Panmei stated that the Congress Party under the leadership of Gaikhangam has moved towards excellence in all field and the Congress-led SPF government has also worked for equal development of both hill and valley regions.
However, he maintained that the support rendered by the hill people to the non-Congress candidates in the last general election has aggravated the issues of the hill area and hindered the development of the region.
Hailing Gaikhangam as a great leader from Tamenglong, the chairman of Tamenglong ADC, Sohem Haomei stated that Gaikhangam was elected president by the AICC and not by the members of state Congress Party.
He also stated that Gaikhangam should also be raised to the status of veteran Congress leader and former chief minister Rishang Keishing who has secured a prominent position in the political arena of the country.


  1. MR.G May be right in saying in what he believe as far as his pocket is warm and everyone knows that he is playing as a puppet.If he think and if the Manipuri should think that we all should live in harmony where is the explanation for all the major stakes in the assembly and the only all round development of Imphal and Manipuri Dominated area at the expenses of the Nagas.
    …haha lucky Mr G that we Nagas are not savage as the Manipuris and the Taliban or else your head would have had a lots of Bounty for ur Comment.

  2. A Naga should always be Naga whether at the centre or at the corner.
    Gaikhangam is nothing but same as the dog on the decorated seat jumping towards the dung on seeing.

    • So, Mr Wisher think that if a naga is not in nagalim, then he is no more naga.

      If someone raise voice against some insane brains, then he is a dog.
      No only Mr. G but even hnble Mr. Jamir is tagged as traitors by nagalim dreamers.

  3. What GAIKHANGAM said is not unexpected. But in reality, what he said is true. How many Nagas in Manipur want to break. I don’t think, they like that. May be very negligible number of Nagas. Even those who are living extreme border at Mao do not like to join Nagaland. It is all politics, any way. Not only Sri Gaikhangam. It is UNC too.

  4. GAIKHANGAM is pure politician, he plays politics everywhere even in the churches, clan problems and village problems etc. He play politics not for the people but for his own survival, he is one of the longest serving politicians in the manipur nagas but did nothing for the general public. He’ll be remaiin in the history as nothing for good politician.

  5. Gaikhangam’s comment was only in the interest of Mpcc as the president. Gaikhangam is not a Naga leader. He need to go through and understand the unique history of the Nagas as a Naga citizen.
    Everyone knows the black and white of ibobi’s govt.

    • Well, when u r in democracy, secularism is the basic foundation. Democracy does not exist in Aparthied country. Well, I respect the history and culture of Nagas and all other tribes in manipur. But that doesn’t mean that I will support formation of Aparthied state/society which is being propagated by NSCN IM.

      Obama said, “there is no Black American or White American, there is only one, American. There is no Asian American or european American, there is nly one american, american”.

      Go up greater nagalim followers. U can’t destroy a peaceful society on the basis of community.


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