Road construction delay irks Mayai Lambi residents


IMPHAL, Sep 3: Various civil organizations and clubs along the Mayai Lambi Road have warned of different forms of agitation including cutting off the Mayai Lambi indefinitely if the government fails to re-construct the road at the earliest.

A press conference was held in this connection today at the Paona Bazar organized by the Mayai Lambi People’s Development Committee. Th. Manglemba, Convener of the committee said that the Mayai Lambi which is also the state Highway No.1, has been under deplorable condition for many years. The road not only is considered as the backbone of the state highway but has a historical aspect also, added Manglemba.

Further, Manglemba claimed that since the repairing work was taken up during the 5th National Games in the year 1999 on the road, the concerned authority has never bothered to repair and has left it as it is. Since then the people have been urging the government time to time for taking up necessary repairing work.

On August 21, 2010 the committee drawing the attention of the authority submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister, Works Minister and MLAs of the area setting an ultimatum to take up works by August 25 or else the committee would launch an agitation from the next day.

Following some visible action of repairing works the committee decided to call off its proposed agitation. But the repairing works came to an end after mending of a few pot holes.

As a part of the continued protest, the committee will be organizing a mass campaign which includes street corner campaigns from September 7 followed by a mass sit-in protest on September 9, adding if the government fails to address the woes of the people even after going through all the protest, they would intensify their agitation and if necessary will close the Mayai Lambi road indefinitely until a positive response comes from the government, asserted Manglemba.


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