Tourism can bridge unemployment gap: Prof N Mohendro


Imphal, Sep 27: The observation of World Tourism Day on the theme “Tourism and Bio-diversity” was organized by the Department of Tourism, Government of Manipur today. Prof. N. Mohendro, Lecturer of Manipur College was the Chief Guest while K.K,Chhetri, IAS, Director of Tourism, Manipur was the President, and L.Somorjit Singh, Selection Grade Lecturer, Manipur College and Thoudam Ibomcha, Retd. AIR News reader were the Guests of Honor for the program that was held at Hotel Imphal.
Scientist R.K. Kishore and Pradip Phanjoubam, Editor of the Imphal Free Press were the invitees and jury members of the observation on World Tourism Day.
The chief guest in his speech stressed on the importance of tourism and its scope towards development in terms of revenue. While stating that tourism brings together communities, states and countries to encourage development in all areas amongst different people, he said that by promoting and creating awareness of the scope of revenue tourism can bridge the unemployment problem in the state.
The Indian and the state government are already aware of the benefits tourism can bring towards the state and is working on development towards the same as it will bring in many benefits to the state. He stressed that for tourism to be in place in the state, infrastructure such as lodgings and transport should be taken care of and the state should be able to provide good, hygienic and safe hotels, lodges etc. for tourists along with providing safe and reliable transportation for the same.
The standards of public transportation we have at present needs to be improved upon to provide good reliable service to not only the tourists but also to the general public. While stating that tourism has a vast scope in the state, he mentioned that the states’ culture, monuments and historic places are world famous and can bring in a lot of tourists.
He also mentioned that in order to facilitate travel by people from across the world we should be able to provide amenities for them to visit the state, which in turn will have an impact on the face value of the state and bring in development.
There was also a prize distribution ceremony for the photo exhibition that was held earlier. In the Nature scenic category R.K.Bulu, Reporter cum Photographer of the Poknapham got a cash prize of Rs.3000 along with a certificate, while in the Cultural Heritage Category Oinam Doren got a cash prize of Rs.3000 along with a certificate. In the Indigenous Flora and Fauna Category Moirangthem Ranjit Singh got a cash prize of Rs.3000 along with a certificate and in the Best Destination Places and Spots in Manipur Jinendra Maibam of the Imphal Free Press got a cash prize of Rs.3000 and a certificate.

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  1. It is very nice to hear and talk developments in Manipur, Well said A Manipuri! I really like your comments and Tomchou’s too but
    would like to add few points of mine. To begin with,there are different types of tourist… like, recreational tourist, medical tourist,
    Educational tourist, cultural tourist, etc depending on their intention of travel or can be clubbed as local tourist, national tourist
    and international tourist depending on one’s nationality……but firstly, what is need to be done in Manipur is to create an awareness to the local
    people that how tourism can be benefited to us as this will generate employment opportunities to both(those who have trained in hospitality and
    tourism)and untrained people and the importance of a tourist …and secondly, we should improve on tourist destinations in Manipur,transportation and
    conductivities within the Manipur and also to the neighboring states,accommodations,amenities, etc in terms of cleanliness,comfort,hygienic, safety and security.

    Hope to see Manipur a mostly preferred tourist place thought the world! and my contribution is always there.


  2. Well said Tomchou! Our State has lots of potential for tourism. It is great that we are talking about developing infrastructure and amenities cater towards tourism. At the same token it is time to talk about why tourist (foreign) are not coming to Manipur? The very reason is that Manipur is gated by RAP (Restricted area Permit)/ PAP (Protected area Permit) policy that Central Govt. has imposed on. The only protection this policy gives is protecting Manipur from growth and development.
    Central Government’s Look East policy? Laughable!
    It is an irony to observed “World Tourism Day” while not allowing foreign tourist to visit Manipur freely. Who in their right mind would come to Manipur when they have to go through this bureaucratic process RAP/PAP? When they can visit other state/place freely without any restriction… Tourist goes to visit places to relax and enjoy not to get snubbed around. Not to mention the fees they have to pay from this policy.
    It is sad that Govt. of Manipur has failed to recognize this and not trying to open up the gate of opportunities. There are lots of examples of States and Countries that are doing well without any mineral resources but through tourism.
    When the restriction (RAP/PAP) is gone there will be a lot of developer willing to develop the amenities and infrastructure to cater towards tourism.
    It’s time to look forward to making Manipur as a world famous tourism State and break free from this Cocoon (RAP/PAP)!

  3. I think Prof N Mohendro is heading in the right direction. I think he should need a bit of reading, read the comments that’s been posted on the RAP/RUP poll , so that he realizes some of the problems people are facing and what needs to be done. I don’t think he became a PROF overnight, so he can do a bit of reading. I really appreciate KO’s platform to write comments, would like to take this a bit forward so that these voices reaches those unedcuated(may be academically) ministers so that they have some work to worry about other than rajniti…


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