Flood appeal


    IMPHAL, Oct 20: The Popular Front of India, Manipur State, has appealed to the concerned authority to look into the problems of the flood affected areas of the state and render necessary assistance to compensate the losses incurred by the people during the recent massive flood, said a release.


    1. Popular Front of India(PFI), Manipur state ,Your concern for flood affected area is appreciated.You have some initiatives in health and education also.But your is ” Arabian Gulf influence” fanatic religion based front which is creating lots of problems in kerala where your head quarter is based.Manipur is already divided on ethnic lines ,we don’t want to divide further on religion lines.
      In classified central government reports, the PFI is accused of introducing an extremist pan-Islamist movement to India.Chief Minister of Kerala ,Achuthanandan suggested the PFI has a 20-year plan to Islamicise Kerala.Cadres of PFI chopped the right palm of a college teacher, TJ Joseph, for setting a question paper that allegedly insulted Prophet Mohammad.If all these things are true then, growth of PFI means more problems in state.


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