MPP blames govt for “artificial flood”


IMPHAL, Oct 21: The Manipur People’s Party (MPP) has blamed the Irrigation and Flood Control Department (IFCD) for creating an artificial flood recently in the valley districts of the state.

A release of MPP stated that the recent massive flood in the valley districts of the state was not a natural calamity but an artificial flood caused due to the negligence of the officials and engineers of IFCD which has been entrusted the task of strengthening the river banks in the valley region under the special plan assistance and other projects like the Brahmaputra Project. The IFCD should pay adequate compensations for the losses incurred by the people during the massive flood, it said.

It further mentioned that all functionaries of the state government have failed and as a result the people of the state are facing lots of problems. The public distribution system and other welfare schemes have also failed to reach to the deserving people, the release added.

The MPP also urged the state government to give adequate compensations to the flood victims of the state as soon as possible rather than highlighting the dramatized distribution of relief materials in media.


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