Night policing to be further streamlined in Imphal area


Imphal, Oct 4: State police department has chalked out another strategy to streamline night policing and intensify police action in an around the Imphal Municipality and Greater Imphal areas to keep complete security coverage in order to prevent any form of insurgency related incidents which has been on the increase.

It may be mentioned that the decision of night policing had already been taken by the state government during August this month to prevent the ever increasing crimes involving insurgents and other crimes committed by the militants, such as killing of non-locals, which have been a matter of grave concern.
In the mantime, as per official information received, the Municipal areas under Imphal, Singjamei, Lamphel and City police Stations’ jurisdiction shall be covered from 7pm to 6am by the officers detailed for the night by way of patrolling and positioning themselves at strategic points and locations.

Officers detailed for night policing duties will also check Reserved Lines, Imphal West Kote, guards of VIPS, vital installations and all the night pickets two times during the hours.

The official source also further mentioned that, the concerned Officers in Charges of various outposts and police stations along with the SDPO concerned have been given their assignments in routine wise manner by the state police department for the current month.

Above this, additional mobile teams including one team from Imphal police, one of Lamphel police and one from Singjamei police are to be stationed at North AOC, in front of Old Shija Clinic RIMS Road and Sigjamei Super Market respectively.

The official source also further mentioned that, OC-MT, Imphal West and  RI-RL, Imphal West shall provide vehicles and escort for the  ORT Officers who do not have their own vehicles and escort.
One section of Reserved Line, Imphal West in two vehicles shall follow the Night Duty Officer and form Quick Reaction Team (QRT) as and when any incident take place during the Night time.

The Night Duty Officers and  the above armed section shall always move in group, the source added.
An official order by the Sr. Sp Imphal West L Kailun informed all officers to report to the SP Imphal West before they are on Night policing duty for briefing.

The officers will also submit report on the next day to the undersigned before 6.50 am to 7am over telephone.

The QRT officer should check the IRB/OP picket and relieve of his officers only when they are found present. report of such checking and presence should be entered in the QRT Register and submit to SP, Imphal West, the official ordered mentioned.


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