Scarcity of diesel might affect cell phone service in Manipur


Imphal, Oct 30 (NNN): Scarcity of fuel in Manipur is likely to affect the cell phone services in the state except for the BSNL.

The cell phone operators in Manipur have been obtaining the needed fuel from All Manipur Telecom Diesel Fillers Committee for enliving the mobile phone towers.

Since the oil pumps in the state capital Imphal cannot satiate the need of the consumers, the Committee has been procuring the fuel from outside the state capital.

However, due to the ongoing crack down on selling of fuel outside the oil pumps and confiscation of fuel obtained from elsewhere by the police, the All Manipur Telecom Diesel Fillers Committee have no other option but to hold their service immediately.

Given this situation, the mobile phone towers will not be able to function in want of fuel.

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