Tamei accident deaths lamented, road condition deplored


IMPHAL, Oct 7: Many public leaders of the Tamei sub-division expressed deep concern and sorrow over the death of four passengers along the IT road yesterday in an unfortunate road accident caused by the bad road condition.

Athuan Abonmei, a popular social worker of the Tamei sub-division while speaking to IFP mentioned that state government despite of knowing that surface connectivity is vital for the welfare of the people of the sub-division never bothered to keep the Tamei road in usable condition.

He said, though every year Central government releases funds for the construction of this road under SPA since 2007, nothing has changed in the road condition till today. It was not the first time that many passengers died along this road in accidents caused by bad road condition.

He further gave his appreciation to the personnel and officials of 10 Dogra Regiment and SDO Tamei who sincerely dedicated their services to help the victims of the road accident yesterday at IT road.

In the meantime, the Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Manipur while sharing the pain and sorrow of the deceased families of the tragic accident that occurred at Tamei road has asked the Government of Manipur to pay compensation to the deceased families and to the injured victims.

In the release, the ZKL Manipur has stated that the incident occurred since the government pays no heed to the development and maintenance of the roads in the most backward district of Manipur.

The road which is the life-line of the people in Tamei Sub-Division has been neglected leading to a lot of mishaps disturbing the lives of the public. The Information and Public Secy, ZSU, Manipur has also informed that since the meeting was dissolved the house of the ZSY, Khoupum Area (ZSUKA) on October 3, the election for the next tenure will be held within three months from the date of dissolving the house.

The Liangmai Naga Council, Manipur in a press release has also blamed the government for maintaining the I.T Road which led to the death of 4 passengers and injured 11. The council has expressed its gratitude to the staff of the PHC, Tamei, 10th DOGRA Regt, Social workers and surrounding villagers of Tamei for their tireless services rendered during the hour of need.


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