Thousands rally in Senapati to demand Naga solution


IMPHAL Oct 29: Showing support to the Indo Naga peace process, thousands thronged the streets of Senapati bazaar and took part in a mass rally held on October 26. The rally was organized by United Naga Council under the aegis of the Naga Hoho.

The rally started from various directions of the town area and converged at Senapati local ground. People of all ages including students and children took part in the rally , placards stating ‘We support Indo Naga peace process’, ‘Time for international communities to intervene’, ‘expedite the peace process’, ‘don’t disturb the peace negotiations’ were held by the protestors.

A public meeting was held after the rally at Senapati ground and top leaders of various naga civil organizations including All Naga Students’Association Manipur,Naga Peoples Organisation,Chandel Naga Peoples Organisation, Naga Hoho, Tangkhul Naga Long, Zeliangrong Baudi attended as the presidium members.

President of UNC, Samson Remei in his introductory speech emphasized on the importance of the peace talks. He stated that there is process in the talks but there have been some hiccups as the ceasefire ground rules have been violated frequently by the Indian security forces. As a fallout there may be unwanted ramifications and the peace process may break down. Mentioning that today’s rally was held to expedite the peace process , he stated that the present ceasefire which have lasted for 13 years should be prioritized and honored by both the NSCN (IM) and the Indian government to ensure that the peace process do not break down.

Naga Hoho joint secretary G. Vasum accused the centre of being double standard and stressed that the Nagas should be united to meet the challenges. ‘One day, we will get freedom though the journey will not be an easy one. We have to fight for our freedom because it is our birthright. Nagas are not divided and confused.Let us all stand together’,he stated at the gathering.

As a resolution of the public meeting, a memorandum has been submitted to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today. The memorandum urged the Indian government to bring an honorable and acceptable settlement of the Indo Naga issue to promote peace and stability to the Indian sub-continent. Stating belief that the arrest and detention of naga poltical leaders at the juncture goes against the spirit of the ceasefire and may create an environment conducive to the peace process, the memorandum further urged the Indian government to act with sincerity and political will.

Meanwhile traffic along the NH-39 was halted till evening today following the mass rally.

It may be mentioned that today’s rally came after the arrest of NSCN (IM) leader Anthony Shimray from Kathmandu by a joint team of Indian and Nepali intelligence agencies on October 2.


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