CCpur cleanliness measures


    From Kaimuanthang
    Lamka Nov 5: The process of competitions initiated to keep villages and localities clean with a view to sowing the seeds of healthy surroundings in Churachandpur has come round the corner.
    The novel steps was started after the October 2 by the DCChurachandpur.
    The district administration in association with the MHJU and CDSU which has been supervising the performances of local bodies leader in keeping the village and localities clean went today for an inspection of about 60 village/ localities since the start.
    The inspection carried out today was the final of eight rounds of its kind.
    In todays inspection the DC/Ccpur Jacintha Lazurus IAS some MDCs and leaders as well as members of the MHJU had inspected 30 localities with another 30 yesterday.


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