IFCD officials admit depression at Khuga Dam


From M Kaimuanthang

Lamka Nov 1: The accusations that the earth dam has depressed was admitted by the chief engineer, IFCD, Indramani during an informal interaction yesterday at the dam Khuga Dam site on the occasion of his visit to take stock of the conditions in view of the state government’s attempt to inaugurate the Dam in near future.

The CE while responding to queries raised by reporters said the depression was noticed particularly during the year 2005 to 2007 and in the succeeding years and a minute observation was made to ascertain as to whether the depression p0rogressed or not.

“On learning the fact that there has not been any more progression a corrective measure was initiated “, he said

The CE further said the depression has affected the railings and after sometime the depressed areas were open up in which places soils were filled and then compacted packed till it was confirmed there no more depression . On the cause of the depression he said it was due to complete saturation of the soils adding sand filters were filled while only water was allowed to passed out.

On allegation by the JAC that there was leakage of the dam he said in the concrete slope where there was rolling water some permissible leakage as has been said was a must and that cannot be termed as leak in the dam.

He said for sure during the next hundred years there will be nothing like dam collpase or any leakage of sorts though design and other things may differed.

Over question on the wrong selection of Dam site he said any Dam in the country has been designed by the Central Water Commission and was done with 100 percent precision. With regards to the water supply he said way back in March this year the component was handed over to the PHED and they have to take up all the neccessary steps while adding 5milion galoons of water was very much sufficient to provide drinking water to the people.

In connection with the irrigation components he said up to 17 to 20 kms 8000 hectares of land are targeted to be provided irrigation in the right side canal whereas it is 10000 upto 5 kms in the left canal.

On complains over the breaching of the canal which has occurred more often than not he said there will be no more collapse of the bank as correctives measure has been taken up wherever it is necessary.

For the purpose he said canal lining will be made with an additional sanction cost or revised cost .

For the power components he said power supply is meant for 2 to 3 months generation each year giving reason that it has not been taken up by the AIBP adding yet the MANIREDA will take additional advantage to provide the needs of the people for which a negotiation is on the CE later with a team of the medias followed the canal from the dam site upto Saikot village enquiring all the low and high banking areas passing through so many villages which have faced problems due to internal seepage of the dam canal or breach of the canal.

He promised to take necessary measures to improve at any of the places necessary while assuring to conduct a trial run of water at the canal before inauguration.

The state government has taken up construction of many dams like the Khoupum , Singdadam , Imphal barrage, Sekmai barrage, Thoubal barrage , Dolaithabi and the Khuga dam.


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