By Paojel Chaoba
The question on the mind of the public is when will the state return to normal and when can everyone breathe a sigh of relief. Looking back , it is a fact that essential commodities were scarce following the imposition of the economic blockade by the Naga organizations, the prices of the edible items had reached sky high and petrol, diesel and especially cooking gas had become unobtainable literally to the common man. The status quo is still prevalent as miles long queues could be seen in front of the petrol pumps which is unheard of anywhere in the rest of the Indian subcontinent. One can imagine the ruckus which would have followed if something close to what Manipur is experiencing at present happened to one of the metropolitan cities. It may also be due to the fact that none of the complaining bodies are complaining enough. The so called opposition MLAs of the state seems to be totally indifferent regarding the issue . They appear totally comfortable with their MLA quotas and none of the ills affecting the public seems none of their concern. The problems faced by the public are alien to them as they remain busy sitting in their makeshift ivory towers. The false bravado they raise at the Assembly sittings appears to be mere theatrics orchestrated to dupe the public . They should recognize the fact that they are the ones sitting in the opposition and should shout and act to invoke corrections instead of dancing to the tune of misgovernance of the ruling SPF government.

The civil organizations eager to pick up on any mishappenings in the State remains strangely quiet also , when PDS items have remained undistributed for so many months and prices of essential commodities has still not come down as of yet ,when the going have become so much tougher for the public. It is of utmost importance that the civil organizations who had gone all out in the human right violations of individuals namely Manorama , Rabina and Sanjit to quote a few should remain in a sheepish state when the whole existence of the Manipur society is threatened at present and that also by a man made calamity. The civil bodies in the state fighting for the cause of human rights should open their eyes before it is too late to realize that their efforts have been misdirected. It seems unjust to highlight the suffering of an individual in comparison to the priority, which should be given to the collective.

Many of the ministers and MLAs who won their status must remember the promises they kept with folded hands during pre election period and promises which they were made in the interest of the public at the foremost, now the state of affairs have overturned turned that ministers in a public concert openly comes up on stage to throw away cash like worthless pieces of paper irrespective of the protocol that an elected of the state should remain and have to maintain.

The musical night held in connection with the inauguration of the Ima Keithels boasted even a singing MLA and cabinet ministers throwing wads of cash. The public display of such wanton carelessness and a disregarding attitude does not become of MLAs and ministers alike. Such public stunts by the elected can only be seen in Manipur. It is no wonder that the chief minister has not come out singing considering the prevalent state of affairs. The same enthusiasm if shown on development projects and in addressing the woes afflicting the public would result in the elected ‘personalities’ remaining much dearer to the hearts and minds of the public . They might also remained etched in the history of the state at par with Hijam Irabot , whose selfless sacrifice even when he might have led a life of opulence came down voluntarily to the ranks of the commons to fight and revolt for the under privileged.

The common man is in such a predicament that one can compare to a ‘kangdroom’ caught between two polo teams. The strokes of the players are suffered in silence almost all the time, considering the fact that both the playing teams may be in cahoots with each other and despite the winner, it is always the kandroom who suffers.

It is also high time that the public wake up and say that enough is enough ,the kangdroom (ball) can also become the ‘kangjei’(stick) and understand that the real might is theirs.


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