Kudos to auto service


Kudos to the collective initiatives undertaken by the trio villages viz;- B. Phaicham, Kamdou Veng & Canaan Veng vis-à-vis launching of “Diesel Auto Service” between B. Phaicham and Bethlehem Sahei Road, Rengkai, Churachandpur. Since it is pro-poor, citizen-centred measure, it has ultimately resulted in the reduction of town bus fare from 10 to 5.

Indeed, 5 to 10% of the rich, elites or ruling class in Churachandpur district may not bother in forking out 10 even for a distance of 50-100 metres (if not kilometres). Albeit, the majority class (including this writer), who outnumbered the ‘haves’, have been bearing the ‘brunt’ of Lamka Town Bus Drivers & Owners’ Association and other civic/transport bodies, who dared to monopolize (or act at their wishes and whims) the fares of town bus,auto, jeep,taxi etc.

Every homosapiens (if not only Lamka-ites) know the ‘high price’ and ‘price rise’ of fuel in corruption-ridden, strife-torn Manipur. Yet the arbitrary decisions (monopolozation), acts of commissions and ommissions by any association, union, et al, which are anti-poor and unreasonable must be collectively countered by all rational and right-thinking individuals of Churachandpur-like the way the Bethlhehem Sahei Road B.Phaicham Diesel Auto Serivice Association (BSBDASA) recently improved communication problems-which greatly helped mitigate the inconveniences of the concerned people.

While I convey my unconditional/personal gratitude to the trio villages and BSBDASA, a “Christmas Gift” of 5, generously and boldly offered by the Lamka Town Bus Drivers & Owners’ Association deserves wide acclamation.

I contemplate more and innovative initiatives/measures from my fellow citizens as I urges all to act as “watchdog”, wash dirty linen in public (committed by both govt. officials/civic bodies) and collectively challenge the high-handedness of any group or individuals which curtailed, and/ or intended to, threaten the interests of the people.

At the same time, I appeal all my fellow citizens (Lamka-ites), irrespective of caste, tribe, or class to join hands together in our march towards peace and prosperity in Churachandpur.

Thank you, Sir.

Yours Faithfully,
D. Jangkholal Haokip,
Bethlhehem Sahei Road, B. Phaicham Diesel Auto Serivice Association (BSBDASA).


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