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Kuki rights body highlights human rights violation in Khengjoi block

IMPHAL, Nov 2: The Kuki Movement for Human Rights, Chandel has highlighted lack of development as well as frequent transferring of district officers and human rights violation in Chandel district among other issues.

Speaking at a press conference held today at Manipur Press Club, Thangjalet Haokip, president of the organization highlighted various issues faced by the people of Chandel district and laid a strong emphasis on the lack of a BDO officer of Khengjoy block in the district.

He stated that absence of BDO at Khengjoy Block has created various hardships towards development of the block particularly in implementation of the various developmental schemes and programmes of the government like the Indira Awaj Yojana, MGNREGS etc.

While stating that around 130 villages comes under the Khengjoy block, Haokip added that the whole block has no such things as government high schools or primary health centres though there are few non functional primary schools and dispensaries. The primary schools and the dispensaries have been lying non functional as their concern officials are also missing from their respective offices, Haokip asserted.

He further mentioned that various villagers from the Khengjoy block residing at the Indo-Myanmar border areas had to go to Khampat in the neighboring country for treatment whereas others had to come to Chakpikarong which is 40 kms away from Khengjoy block for treatment.

Due to lack of various facilities in the block including transportation, people residing in the interior parts of the block had to buy SK oil and salt from the neighboring country.

Meanwhile, the organization has also submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh on issues relating to the lack of BDO of Khengjoy block and other social developmental issues.

The memorandum while appreciating the able leadership of the Chief Minister and the government’s concern for bringing development of the hill areas of Manipur has stated that Chandel district faces various problems which includes developmental and human rights violation. He stated due to a recent gun fight between a certain UG groups and the Indian army there has been gross violence of human rights in the district.

He further made a fervent appeal to reinstate and revoke the suspension order of Khengjoy block BDO Md Nazimuddin Shah at the earliest possible, who was allegedly suspended on flimsy grounds.



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