RPF extends Idulzuha wishes

    IMPHAL, Nov 15: A release of the RPF today said Idulzuha is a day of sacrifice.It said Alha is the lord of the world. Islam The basic preaching of Islam is for brotherhood of all living things and for the strong to help the weak, it added.

    It said as Idulzuha approaches, the party extends it best wishes to Meitei Pangals and other followers of the faith as well as to all peoples of the state.

    Love is the best religion, it said.

    It said during the rule of Lairel Meidingu Iningthou Khagembana (1597-1652) Pangals began settling in Manipur. It was a very cordial relation that was established it said.

    It said Meitei Pangalsingda were even allowed to marry local women and they were also given Meitei surnames such as Mandingbam, Pukhrimayum, Phuritsabam etc.

    They also learnt the customs and language of the place and internalised them thereby ensuring no communical friction is allowed to surface.

    Language is mother, it said. Speaking the same Language is indication the speakers are siblings of the same mother.

    It said the communities in Manipur fought together against any challenge to their common homeland.

    During the rein of Marjitki the Awa defeated Manipur and began the era of seven years of devastation.

    Unwilling to surrender and determined to fight back tghe people exiled themselves to Takhel (Tripura), Tekhao (Assam) and also to various regions of Bangladesh, it added.

    This was one reason why the population communities of Manipur is spread far and wide it said.

    However, although spread out the Meiteis and Meitei Pangals still speak Meitei.

    Meitei and Meitei Pangals still live in harmony wherever they have landed themselves in, the release said.

    The release further said unity is strength and appealed to all to unite on the occasion of Idulzuha.



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