Tamei-Liangmai students unhappy


Newmai News Network

Imphal, Nov 11: Irked by the pathetic condition in all fronts in Tamei subdivision of Tamenglong district, the Liangmai Naga Katimai Ruangdi (LNKR), Imphal unit (Liangmai Students Union ) has urged the concerned authorities to look into the plight faced by the Liangmai community in Tamei area.

LNKR president Ch. Majibuibou and its general secretary Kadiphui pointed out that at DIET centre in Tamei, proper classes cannot be conducted in want of lecturers. The LNKR, Imphal unit draws the attention of the State government in this regard. Further highlighting the DIET centre problem, the LNKR also said that there are several vacant posts at the centre and urged the State government to do the needful so that the meaning of the very existence of the lone DIET centre at Tamei is acknowledged.

Also drawing the attention of the State government, the LNKR, Imphal unit said that the deplorable road condition in Tamei areas should be addressed.

It said that the Tamei to Kuilong road stretch is in bad shape with people facing immense hardship. Numerous landslides occurred during the rainy season in the road are yet to be cleared, said the LNKR.

The Liangmai students’ body then urged all the contractors engaging works in Tamei area to accelerate their assignments. It also asked the contractors to maintain quality while executing their works.


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