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The 3 (three) Markets in Khwai Bazar

The 3 (three) Markets in Khwairamband Bazar, namely Ima Market, Laxmi Bazar and Linthoinganbi Bazar rightfully belong to the Imphal Municipal Council under Section 162 of the Manipur Municipalities Act, 1994 the successor of Imphal Municipal Board and Imphal Town Fund.

The Ima Market was originally known as Purana Bazar and Linthoinganbi Bazar as New Market and the new names are given by the Imphal Municipal Board Laxmi Bazar is so called as it is said that an image of Goddess Laxmi was found at the foot of the peepul tree (khongnang tree) which was grown at the eastern side of the Laxmi Bazar where there is now a row of 14 shops.

The 3 (three) markets were established by the Imphal Town Fund with the present Linthoinganbi Bazar, originally known as New Market, being the latest addition at the site where the Johnstone High School was situate. And the site of the present Johnstone Higher Secondary School was allotted by the hnphai ‘’”own Fund so that its original site might be utilized for the construction of New Market. It may be please noted that the Imphal Town Fund had the power of settlement of land as the Manipur Durbar, before Independence, had no jurisdiction in the British Reserve Area, which was bounded on the north by the Rifle Range and Dinku Road from Thangmciband Khongnangkhong to Imphal River, in the East by the Imphal River, in the South by the road connectingKeishamthong Bridge and Imphal River and in the west by the road from Thangmeiband Khongnangkhong and Naga River and Nambul River upto Keishamthong Bridge.

There is some talk of changing the names of these 3 (three) markets which may not be welcome to the traditionalists as it is a break with the past like that of Calcutta to Kolkata. I fat all it is to be changed, the proposal should come from the Imphal Municipal Council, the rightful owner of these markets. If the Authority is keen to break with the past, why not the name of Babupara is changed to that of Abdul Kalam Azad or Hirachandra Colony to satisfy the ego of the nationals or the nationalistics.

Yours sincerely,
(S. Rajdhan Singh)
Singjamei Mathak Chongtham Lcikai, Imphal.



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