ATSUM declares education as free zone in hills


IMPHAL, Dec 9: The general assembly of the All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur,  (ATSUM) which was held on December 6 at Synod hall , Churachandpur have agreed to make education a free zone in all the tribal areas by exempting the educational institutions in any kind of agitation taken up by the tribal bodies in the future to come.
According to the statement of the union, the recent general assembly of the ATSUM was attended by the representatives of CDSU Churachandpur, TKS Ukhrul,  SDSA Senapati, ZSUM Tamenglong and KSO (GHQ) and deliberated  on the agenda from the federating units and thereafter resolutions were passed unanimously.
It further mentioned that, the recent general assembly mainly focused on the disappointment of the tribal peoples of the state on the current situation of the tribal people of Manipur.
It also said that, politically, economically, social and culturally the tribals of Manipur had been at the receiving end. In comparison to the  other North East states of India, tribals in the  state of Manipur are the most discriminated people. The Manipur government and the central government have not done enough. The failure to protect and enhanced the lives of the tribal people of Manipur by the government at the state and centre had cause lots of disappointment among the students who are the future pillars of not only the society but the state.
It further mentioned that, the recent general assembly of the union has also condemned the failure of the state government to frame and implement the Reservation for ST/SCs in the state according to the 100 points roster in all the departments in both government and semi government as enshrine in the Constitution of India. The Manipur Reservation of Vacancies  in posts and Services (for SC and ST) Act 2007, is still inoperative as rules for the said Act is not yet framed till date and is still kept pending. The non implementation of the Reservation Rules have deprived the ST of various posts and seats  but no action cannot be initiated against any guilty officer/head of department  due to the non availability of the said rules. The sudden introduction of the newly created 200 point roster without any legislative sanction is also not acceptable and will be oppose tooth and nail.
It has also mentioned that, the house also authorized ATSUM executive to declare that the academic calendar in all the hill districts will be as usual and the government cannot impose the revised academic calendar in the hills under any circumstances. All zonal education officers (ZEOs) are immediately instructed to follow the previous academic calendar until further notice, the statement added.
In line to devolution of power of the state government, the house further decided to oppose the cabinet decision of posting senior MCS officer as executive director of DRDA. All tribal administration and decision in regard to hill districts must be decided by Hill Areas Committee (HAC) of Manipur Legislative Assembly at least and not only the Manipur cabinet. The house therefore, entrusted  ATSUM to take up appropriate action in co-ordination of all the federal units so that the cabinet decision is withdrawn at the earliest, the statement added.
Further, the general assembly decided that the 2nd Tribal Cultural programme cum Indigenous Food festival will be hosted by TKS at Ukhrul in February 2001, All units and tribe based student bodies are invited and welcomed to bring their culture troupes and food items to make the festival a grand success, the statement added.



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