Criticisms of government policies hamper development says education minister


IMPHAL, Dec 3: As observed in other parts of the country, International Day for Persons with Disability was observed widely in the state today with the theme “Keeping the promise: Mainstreaming Disability in the Millennium Development Goals towards 2015 and beyond”. 
Several social organizations observed the day at different places but the state level observation was held at GM Hall, Imphal which was organised by the State Mission Authority, SSA Manipur.
State education minister L Jayentakumar attended as chief guest at the state level function.
Speaking at the function, L Jayantakumar stated that it is high time people of Manipur stop thinking individually and instead start thinking for a collective good.
Stating that Manipur has numerous organizations that are waiting to criticize the government at every step, the education minister said such criticisms opten create as stumbling block to the government in implementing welfare and development schemes funded by the central government. ‘We should not ignore and take them lightly, and there are many schemes to uplift the disable persons of the state as the Centre as well as the sate government have been taken up many schemes and programmes for personality development of the this category of people, Jayentakumar added.
The ZEO zone-II Imphal east district, A Shamu Singh in his presidential speech ssaid discrimination and habit of treating persons with disability in any social platforms and educational institutions need to be avoided. Most importantly, the teachers who are responsible for imparting educations this special class of people need to be very sincere and active so as to avoid any sense of betrayal, he added.
On the occassion, outstanding handicapped persons who stood positions in various competitions in various events like painting competitions, song competitions and other talent hunts activities were rewarded in the forms of cash awards along with citations today.
It may be mentioned that, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is being observed to promote disabilities and integration of persons with disabilities in the main stream of each aspect of social, political, economic and cultural status.
It may also be recalled that the World Health Organization affirmed that there are 600 million disabled people living Worldwide, which is almost 10% of the entire population in the planet. It is also evaluated that about 80% of disabled people live in developing nations. Globally, it is assumed that one in every ten people is a person with a disability and the recent studies states that persons with disabilities populates upto 20% of the population living in under poverty line in developing countries. Number of persons with disabilities still faced barriers to their participation in activities of their communities and are mostly compelled live under the poverty line.
The official report further mentioned that it is important to integrate disabled persons in the mainstream of society. Disabled persons are often discriminated against and that is never an ideal the mainstream of each aspect of the social, political, economic and  cultural status of their communities. It is essential to inculcate confidence in disabled persons in their own abilities to lead self dependent lives.
World Disabled Day provides an opportunity to initialized action to reach the target to full and equal pleasure of human rights and contributions in society by disabled persons. Several activities  are conducted on World Disabled Day. Campaigns by human rights agencies and voluntary organizations are organized to raised awareness on the theme of right to act.
The International Disabled Day today was organized today by the Rural Education Socio Economy Development organization Thanga at their office at Thanga village in Bishnupur district, the day was also observed as Handicapped Welfare Month by the Mayang Imphal Bengoon, Junior High School today.


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